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2Toms ButtShield Roll On (45ml)


Why to buy: For friction-free riding. Apply once and enjoy total saddle happiness all day, with NO re-application. Its non-greasy, non-staining and waterproof properties create a smooth-satin surface, for prevention of chafing, sores and rashes.

For use in intimate/sensitive areas.

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Chafing, rashes and friction burns during and/or after cycling? They all sound familiar right? Well, it's about time you hang up the suffering and start using a roll-on for down there. One that's easy to apply, friction-free, waterproof, non-greasy and doesn't stain your best shorts. The ultimate shield for your bottom... 2Toms ButtShield!

Saddle sores could definitely ruin your ride, spin session or (if you survived) the whole day after - especially if you commute to work too, yikes. To prevent such things happening to our sensitive parts, 2Toms have created the very solution. Apply once, to your bottom or groin area (basically in areas you feel may rub together) or chamois pad, before you ride out. It will last all day, never rub off and withstand under the most extreme conditions.

ButtShield will not stain your clothing, 2Toms have completed some extensive testing to ensure this. There's no messy creams or powder involved and the roll-on can be removed with cleansing wipes (make-up wipes) or warm soapy water.

Although it's a very safe product, it's recommended you don't use ButtShield on open wounds, sores or rashes that are already present. It's used as a prevention, not a cure. Once these problems are healed, apply ButtShield to start the magic.

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Tech Spec

  • Prevents friction burns, saddle sores and butt rashes
  • Takes away the friction that causes irritation and chafing in intimate areas
  • Waterproof
  • Non-staining, non-toxic & non-greasy
  • No messy powder or cream
  • Easy roll-on applicator
  • Creates a satin smooth surface
  • Cleans off with a make-up wipe or warm soapy water (ex. baby wipes)
  • Lasts all day ~ even under the most extreme conditions
  • Apply once to your bottom or groin area
  • Safe for men & women
  • 45ml


Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Green Tea extract, Calendula extract, Horsetail plant extract.

Other 'all natural' prevention products on the market are derived from plant and animal fats, and function similarly to greases and ointments. Most non-organic powders absorb moisture and reduce friction; however, as they absorb moisture, their effectiveness in reducing friction declines. ButtShield's technologically advanced prevention formula never loses its effectiveness. So from start to finish it will keep your skin smooth and soft.

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Who's Behind It?

Our first meeting with 2Toms was at the 2016 NEC Bike Show. There, we spotted their display of exciting, friction-free products. Of course, we took a few samples and did a bit of testing on our hands (it wasn't really the time or place for 'actual' testing), but we were overly wowed by the results. The show finished, we recovered and things got mega busy at HQ...

A few months later, we happened to bump into 2Toms at a bike show in Silverstone. Our first meet all came flooding back to us! We acted pretty fast, knowing first hand that their products are way too good to miss out on.

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