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2Toms SportShield For Her Sachet (5 Wipes)

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Why to buy: Are you in two minds whether SportShield Roll On will work for you? We're sure you'll both get along just fine, however, we know it's nice to give something a try first. And a couple of sachets is the perfect way...

For use on the inside of thighs, the neck, under sports bras or anywhere else that might chafe. Perfect for wet suits.

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It's not always our intimate parts that suffer from friction, so it's nice to know there's a solution for our other areas too, made specific for the job. Exclusively made for her, offering moisture rich protection and anti-microbial properties, ensuring sensitive skin stays nourished.

Apply 2Toms SportShield once before you head out on the bike, or before the spin class for lasting protection all day. You won't need to top it up mid-session (which avoids any awkward-ness on the road side or behind the bush) and can be removed with warm soapy water, leaving absolutely no residue. It's best used in our 'less intimate' areas, such as under a sports bra, inside of thighs, the neck or anywhere else that might chafe or blister.

SportShield is waterproof, sweat-proof and doesn't stain. Perfect for your next Tri event? It won't rub off and will withstand the most extreme conditions. SportShield will not stain your clothing, so your best shorts are safe (2Toms have completed some extensive testing to ensure this). There's no messy creams or powder involved and it's fragrance and dye-free.

If you're interested in the 2Toms SportShield For Her Roll On (45ml) click the link.

Tech Spec

  • Designed exclusively for women
  • Delivers all day protection against rubbing and friction
  • Waterproof
  • Sweat-proof ~ allows sweat to flow normally
  • Anti-microbial ~ protecting sensitive skin
  • Fragrance free, dye free & contains NO animal products
  • Prevents chafing & blisters
  • Silky smooth formula
  • Lasts all day
  • Won't melt
  • Non-staining & non-toxic
  • Wipe off using warm soapy water
  • Works a treat on wetsuits!
  • 5 Wipes ~ sample sachets | infused with liquid


Dimethicone, Shea Butter, Calendula Extract, Green Tea Extract, Horsetail Plant Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Vitamin E.

Can be used on any part of the body where skin is subjected to chafing/blisters by clothing - under bras, inside of thighs, heels etc

Who's Behind It?

Our first meeting with 2Toms was at the 2016 NEC Bike Show. There, we spotted their display of exciting, friction-free products. Of course, we took a few samples and did a bit of testing on our hands (it wasn't really the time or place for 'actual' testing), but we were overly wowed by the results. The show finished, we recovered and things got mega busy at HQ...

A few months later, we happened to bump into 2Toms at a bike show in Silverstone. Our first meet all came flooding back to us! We acted pretty fast, knowing first hand that their products are way too good to miss out on.

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