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Why to Buy: now you can keep all your wet kit neatly and safely segregated

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If you're a gym, spinning or swimming regular, you'll know how important keeping the soggy stuff separate from the rest is!

activbod's strongly built dry bag is 100% waterproof and totally adaptable, allowing you to keep used gym kit, wet swim kit or even a clean change of clothes in it. 

The bag has a roll top closure with buckle that clicks shut. The click-shut system also acts as a compression system, squeezing air out of the pack as you roll down, allowing you to fit it as neatly as possible into whichever bag you're carrying with you that day.

In striking activbod green colour, this is an invaluable addition to your exercise kit. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the ones you'll use most regularly.

Size Guide

Bag: 40cm x 28cm

Tech Spec

  • 100% waterproof
  • Click shut buckle ensures wet kit stays separate
  • Buckle also helps to squeeze air out to minimise size

Who's Behind It?

activbod offer a dedicated skin and body care range designed by active women for active women.

The Olympics 2012 were the turning point for founder of activbod, triathlete and motivational speaker Lara Morgan. On finding out that professional athletes at The Games were unsatisfied with their personal care options, Lara decided to take it upon herself to solve the problem and you guessed it, activbod was born.

activbod are committed to offering skin care products for the active person and they know what they are talking about. As a team they are all pretty active, some more than others, but they all noticed the lack of products in the personal care market that collectively worked together to perform for the active person.

They want everyone like them to enjoy exercise whatever your reason for being active maybe, working your muscles, getting fit and of course enjoying fabulous skin.

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