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activbod Fire & Ice Bundle

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Why to Buy: Fire and ice for your ride - warm up those muscles in style before setting off, then treat yourself to cool down afterwards.

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For the competitive rider, or just if you're looking to ride that little bit better without indulging in anything the doping authorities might take a dim view of! This is the perfect combination of treats to sandwich a serious ride between:

activbod Turn Up The Heat Roller Gel 50ml

This handy roller gel from activbod has a dual purpose; pre-ride use it to gently warm cold muscles, then when you're back from a day in the saddle let it help relieve the tension you've built up.

We love its hands-free application and great smelling, camphor free, fragrance. Ginger, rosemary and vanillyl warm the muscles, while arnica works to help reduce bruising. Allantoin an active ingredient helps to soothe with its anti-inflammatory properties. A winning combination we think you'll agree.

activbod Cooling Finish Lotion 100ml

Finish off your cycling regime with this non-sticky body lotion containing soothing menthol by delivering an enjoyable cooling sensation to the skin.

Then there's the naturally derived deodorising ingredient, vitamin E acetate and allantoin to moisture and repair dry skin. An energising pepper, eucalyptus and lemon fragrance reinvigorates the body and mind.

All activbod products come in air travel-safe 100ml or below sizes that you can take in your carry on luggage. That’s handy.

Size Guide

Turn Up The Heat Roller Gel 50ml

Cooling Finish Lotion 100ml

Tech Spec

activbod Turn Up The Heat Roller Gel 50ml

How to use: Use rollerball to dispense product and massage into skin to relieve tension. Product warming effect is significantly increased if the skin is damp. To intensify the warming effect apply a small amount of water to skin where the product has been applied.

Warnings: Avoid direct contact with the eyes. If contact occurs rinse thoroughly with warm water. For adults only. Keep out of reach of children. For external use only.

Key ingredients: Arnica montana flower extract | Rosemary essential oils | Ginger essential oils | Allantoin | Wheatgerm oil | Vanillyl


activbod Cooling Finish Lotion 100ml

How to use: Apply to clean skin as desired and massage in. Please note cooling may take a few minutes to activate depending on skin moisture levels

Warnings: Avoid direct contact with the eyes. If contact occurs rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Key ingredients: Menthol | Vitamin E acetate | Citronellyl methylcrotonate | Menthyl lactate

Who's Behind It?

activbod offer a dedicated skin and body care range designed by active women for active women.

The Olympics 2012 were the turning point for founder of activbod, triathlete and motivational speaker Lara Morgan. On finding out that professional athletes at The Games were unsatisfied with their personal care options, Lara decided to take it upon herself to solve the problem and you guessed it, activbod was born.

activbod are committed to offering skin care products for the active person and they know what they are talking about. As a team they are all pretty active, some more than others, but they all noticed the lack of products in the personal care market that collectively worked together to perform for the active person.

They want everyone like them to enjoy exercise whatever your reason for being active maybe, working your muscles, getting fit and of course enjoying fabulous skin.

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