XL - Excellent

If we've learned one thing running VeloVixen, it's that cyclists come in all shapes and sizes. And that below the elite ranks there's rarely a link between your shape and size and how well you ride a bike. Yet so many fit, healthy, experienced cyclists still struggle to find kit in the right size.

Let's consign phrases like 'X-Large' and 'Plus Size' to the bin. We think cyclists who wear these sizes should be celebrated. In fact, we're pushing designers and manufacturers to recognise the huge demand for larger sizes, and name them more realistically.

These are our products that already offer 'XL', and in some cases 'XXL' too (click on the 'XXL' tab for these specifically). We take our hats off to our suppliers who recognise the need. And we'll keep hunting for more.

Please Note: if a product shown here isn't currently available in XL, it probably means we're in the process of ordering more for the next few days. Keep an eye on the site, or feel free to give us a nudge to find out when we're expecting them...