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Basil Big Bike Bell (Floral Cream)


Why to buy: Bring a hint of Dutch elegance to your handlebars with this stunning Basil bicycle bell - they're sure to see and hear you coming with this stunner.

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Make a statement on your handlebars with this chunky 80mm retro bicycle bell from Basil. Available in various chic patterns you'll be the envy of the road, and what's more important you'll be heard from a mile off!

You just can't beat a proper old-fashioned bell and this one is bigger and prettier than any others we've come across. Any of the designs make a classy statement and is a stylish addition to your handlebars.

Other road users will certainly hear you coming with this on your bike. And when they see your bell, it'll probably make them smile.

Size Guide

Diameter: 80mm

Weight: 250g

Fits to standard handlebars with a couple of simple screws.

Tech Spec

  • 80mm diameter
  • Deep, resonant 'ding dong' ring
  • Easily attached to your handlebars with just a couple of turns of the screwdriver

Who's Behind It?

Dutch cycling brand BASIL originated in the 1970s, when former owner Nico van Balveren - who at the time was a bicycle retailer - started producing a variety of bicycle baskets. A number of successful years later, the name of the company was updated to BASIL, a contraction of Nico’s name ‘van Balveren’ and ‘Silvolde’ the town where it all began.

In 2001 BASIL was passed down the family to Marthijn, Nico’s son, who continues to run the thriving company today from its base in Holland. Sold in over 17 countries, BASIL remains a popular brand, thanks to their unwavering commitment to their core values: reliability, innovation and contemporary style. They continue to produce imaginative, beautiful kit for... well, civilised cycling. Even Dutch royalty love BASIL, with Princess Amalia sporting one of their bicycle panniers.

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