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And the winner is... one 'wroscamp' - if this is your email, please contact us to arrange your prize!

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Competition Questions (answers below)

  1. How many bikes does Cheryl Reid from Cowley Road Condors own? 
  2. Whilst Manon Carpenter is talking, what style of arm warmers is the lady in the background trying on?
  3. Where does Shu Pillinger commute from?
  4. How many Droplets are sat on stage?
  5. According to Becki Morris, how many women aren't cycling?


1. 4 / 2. Primal Electric Shock / 3. St Albans / 4. 6 / 5. 20 million

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To celebrate the launch of our virtual Women's Cycling Hub and the arrival of the new autumn-winter collection from Café du Cycliste, we gave you the chance to win one of their beautiful Yolande or Claudette jerseys.

Yolande features time and time again in our most popular autumn-winter picks and this year she's made her return in two new deep shades of pink and blue.

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Our theatre of inspirational speakers from the world of women's cycling drew huge crowds at this year's NEC Cycle Show and now, with the launch of our virtual Women's Cycling Hub, you can experience their stories in the comfort of your own home.