Here we are again, we’re back at Go on life’s Monopoly board. One lap down, the next one in our sights. Fingers crossed there’s some lucky Chance cards and some good dice throws lined up for us in the next loop.

Between now and our next turn comes that old familiar January tradition of New Year’s Resolutions. Pffft… As if we’re going to let the manmade concept of time determine how and when we change our ways… It’s not like it’s mandatory anyway… And has it ever, in the history of all New Year’s Resolutions, ever made it past week 1..?

… FINE, we’ll do it. But OUR way. With a dash of humour and some actual achievable do’s and do not’s.

#1 - Don't forget I'm clipped in... before proceeding to put my foot down at junctions.

 #2 - Always remember to double check... the label before applying Chamois Cream.

#3 - Be more enthusiastic about... finding a fix for that oil stain I’ve been hiding in the hallway.

#4 - Never forget to re-attach... my brakes after removing the front wheel to transport bicycle.

#5 - Before embarking on... my record setting ride, double check that the record button on Strava has been pressed… and then check again.

#6 - Learn to accept that... folding my cycling kit neatly into a drawer is a complete waste of time.

#7 - There’s a banana in my jersey pocket... Keep repeating this line and bear it in mind when slumping on that bench for a mid-ride pause.

#8 - If I have a bad ride, I promise to... be kinder to myself. After all, it’s me I have to live with for the rest of my life, there’s no point in falling out now.

Got a resolution for the list? Comment below to share it with us.

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