The Roadster Jacket - available in Yellow, Red and Grey (£116)

We first met Dublin's Joyce Brereton - the brains and creative spirit behind As Bold As - on our London Bike Show stand back in 2014. She'd come to speak to potential stockists in the earliest days of her brand. In fact, it didn't even have a name yet! 

The Drench Coat (£148)

Deftly touting her early prototypes around the show in a wheely suitcase gave us an indication of her commitment. And the designs looked promising even then.

Fast forward to 2016...

...and a more focused meeting at VeloVixen HQ to look at the fruits of her labours. And what fruits they proved to be!

Joyce is the embodiment of a new wave of female cycling designers. Richly qualified and experienced in various fields (including mechanical engineering and visual effects artist) and coming from a family of creative jewellers, she's escaped from the rat race to pursue her passion.

 The Roadster Jacket (£116)

In doing so she's brought real professionalism to her work, overlaid with six years of experience cycling to work through the Dublin elements. Just as importantly, she's come at it with the imagination to design gear that women really want. The result? - clothes that combine immaculate fit, truly original designs... and those materials. Oh, those materials...

That was what really blew us away. The quality of the materials and finish are simply out of kilter with the price tags. Sure, they're not given away, but even if you added 50% to the prices we think the quality would still justify the prices.

It hasn't come easily - Joyce had to create almost 50 prototypes before finalising the range, and spent six months hunting down the perfect material that combined technical quality with a natural cotton or linen look.


The Drench Coat

100% waterproof, fully breathable, fully windproof, sealed seams and lots of extra lovely details.

Beautifully tailored, the As Bold As Drench Coat works for any occasion. A take on the classic trench coat, it's made of sumptuous material that looks like heavy cotton but is actually 100% waterproof and fully windproof, with sealed seams.

The Drench Coat is fully breathable, and is full of details that taps Joyce's own urban cycling experience - like a dropped back to keep your bum dry, tapered feminine cut, cosy fleece lining, tuck-away reflective panels, a stow-away storm hood and hidden water resistant zipped pockets.

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The Roadster Jacket

Bold, bright colours, 100% waterproof and fully breathable.

How often do you come across a cycling jacket that is both fully waterproof and breathable, with a flattering feminine fit designed for using on and off your bike - plus a range of gobsmacking colours, all for £116?

Like its big sister the Drench, it's full of cycling specific colours and there's a long list of subtly incorporated cycling features. Also like the Drench, the finish is exceptional - every stitch is flawless.

And if you're concerned about visibility, look no further than the spicy yellow and red models!

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Elemental Trousers & Reflective Vest

Even supposedly mundane items of cycling necessity can be raised to something a bit special. These two staples of urban cycling have been deconstructed and redesigned with real flare and more than a nod to the female shape.

And yet despite all this reinvention, their basic purpose is never under threat. The trousers keep you dry and comfortable, the vest keeps you visible on the road.

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As you can probably tell, we're pretty excited about As Bold As joining the VeloVixen family. As a pregnant cyclist and entrepreneur, Joyce is an inspiration to us and it reflects in As Bold As. If launching a company when you're 5 months pregnant isn't bold, we don't know what is - especially if you're still cycing while you do it all!