At VeloVixen we are lucky to have the support of several wonderful women who cycle regularly and who inspire us. Each of them wants to help to encourage, cajole and support women to get back on their bikes ('back', because everyone has ridden a bike at some point!).

We work with them to help spread the cycling gospel amongst women around the UK. Please let us know if you know of anyone who should be a VeloVixen 'ambassador'! Here is a little about them:

Olivia Colman VeloVixenOlivia Colman (BAFTA Award-Winning Actress)

Aside from loving bikes and being a stalwart supporter of VeloVixen... Olivia has established herself as one of the UK's most respected and recognised actors.

From her hilarious early roles on Peep Show and Mitchell & Webb, she has become so critically acclaimed and admired that she was awarded both the British Independent Film Award for Best Actress and London Film Critics Circle Award for British Actress of the Year for her 2011 roles in Tyrannosaur and The Iron Lady.

Her brilliant roles in Rev and Olympic comedy Twenty Twelve, and her BAFTA-nominated performances in Broadchurch have seen her become a household name. Fortunately Olivia's feet remain firmly rooted to the ground - except when she's riding her bike...

Charlie Webster VeloVixenCharlie Webster (TV Presenter, Athlete and Campaigner)

We met Charlie - typically - as she was taking on a new challenge. This time it was cycling 3 stages of the Tour de France. A familiar face to sports television viewers, she's an established and respected presenter on Sky Sports and beyond.

As if that wasn't enough to keep her busy, she's a tireless campaign for women's rights and against domestic violence. In 2014, she famously ran 250 miles in a week for these charitable causes, and raised her profile and respect further still with her strong stance in the Ched Evans case.

To us, she's Charlie - inspirational sportswoman, loyal friend, and VeloVixen ambassador.

Gemma Sanderson VeloVixenGemma Sanderson (Award-Winning Model, Race-Winning Brompton Rider)

Gemma and VeloVixen's paths first crossed at the Brompton World Championships, where she and boyfriend Joe were competing hard to win silverware on their cherished folding bikes.

What we only discovered later was Gemma's 'other' life as one of the most respected and experienced models around. Since she won the first Australian's Next Top Model, she's forged an amazing career and proved that models have plenty of strings to their bow. And it all culminated in teaming up with VeloVixen, as a photoshoot regular and frequent flag flyer on our event stands!


Sarah Perry (Event Organiser - Tour de Force)

Sarah runs and organises the Tour de Force - in which amateur riders ride part, or in some brave cases, all of the Tour de France route just a week before the pros.

Our Founder Phil in 2013 witnessed her at work in 2013 as he rode the whole route. Not only does she coordinate the full three weeks of cycling, but she also helps to raise huge sums for the wonderful William Wates Memorial Trust as part of it. And she had to resist the temptation to do the ride herself!

Since she became an international tour organiser some 15 years ago, Sarah has travelled on two wheels through places as far afield as China, Cuba, Egypt, Jordan, Kenya, Russia, Vietnam and the Outer Hebrides! She is an eternal dynamo of cycling, running, swimming and talking energy. Oh, and she's also responsible for introducing our founders, Liz and Phil, to each other!

Elle Linton KeepItSimpelle VeloVixenElle Linton (Cycling Blogger & Personal Trainer)

Elle was the winner of our 2014 'VeloVixen's Next Top Model' competition for our photoshoot. She won because she's a true VeloVixen - energetic, positive and dynamic, all of which is reflected in her popular blog Keep It Simpelle.

Aside from her inspiring blogs, with an increasing number focused on cycling, she's one of the most qualified and capable personal trainers you'll find, with a growing profile and reputation. Above all else, though, there's the hair. With hair like Elle's, what could possibly stand in your way?!


Olivia Inge (Model / TV Presenter)

Olivia is our tame supermodel, and the face of VeloVixen. She has been gracing the catwalks and magazines of the world spectacularly for over a decade (let's not get too specific...).

You might have thought supermodels would all be prima donnas - but Olivia blows that theory clean out of the water. Shes worked harder than any of us on our photoshoots, lugging bikes up and down stairs, pedalling hard and styling the outfits herself. You've seen her in countless advertising campaigns, she's a lynchpin of, and she'd she's now one of the BBC's faces of Royal Ascot.

She says: "VeloVixen's mission to make womens' cycling gear both beautiful and comfortable is a noble mission indeed. And one that the market was desperately lacking."