Conceived in response to a lack of quality bag choices for style concious female cyclists, Michaux Club has gone from strength to strength since springing to prominence in 2012 thanks to a feature in The Guardian newspaper.  The talented and brilliant Rachel Bonney heads up Michaux Club from East London, and insists on incorporating the very best materials and design features in every one of her handmade cycling bags. 

The latest collection of three bags from Michaux Club raises the bar even higher thanks to quality materials which would rival even the most expensive of designer bags.  Coupled with intuitive design features you will instantly love and a chic, yet subtle classic style, this trio is streets ahead of its cycling bag contemporaries.

The ARA Backpack is the ultimate cycling fashion statement.  Elegance and functionality abound, and whether you are commuting, going on business trips or disappearing off on a weekend away (you lucky thing!) its lightweight, breathable and waterproof construction holds a multitude of delightful features within.  The ARA Backpack is the ultimate in glamorous cycling commuter bags, and will make you wonder how you ever did without it!

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Michaux Club's ERIS Messenger Bag meanwhile is the answer to all your commuting handbag prayers.  Reinventing the classic messenger bag for the style and safety conscious woman about town, Michaux Club have surpassed themselves to provide a genuine design classic in a cycling friendly form. 

Large enough for all your daily essentials, it gives the best of both world's either in the office or on the bike.  The ERIS Cycling Messenger Bag is a genuine delight and will have you turning heads wherever you are!

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Finally, the perfectly formed URSA Saddle Bag gives innovative craftsmanship and functionality in the pre-eminent stylish and subtle form.  Innovative design means this cycling bag can go with you everywhere, seamlessly switching from saddle bag to shoulder bag in an instant.  Like Mary Poppins' bag, this cycling beauty can hold much more than you would ever possibly imagine within it's elegant interior.

It's no wonder the URSA Saddle Bag from Michaux Club is the womens cycling bag to be seen with!

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