Rivelo's Roubaix women's cycling bib tights - both the Hazelwood and the full-length Monsal - are top quality ways to ensure you keep riding through anything the winter months can throw at you.

Classically styled and cosily warm, they've been designed with a real cycling eye on the details and the comfortable compression fit.

The purists will love them, as will anyone who loves all-year-round cycling. Fran's been wearing her's almost non-stop through the Autumn and early Winter of 2017, so we'll let her tell you more...

The video focuses on the Hazelwood, but don't forget about the Hazelwood's longer sister, the Monsal - same fleecy warm material, same colourways, just a fuller leg length. Take your pick and ride off through anything the winter can throw at you!

The Rivelo Hazelwood Collection

The Rivelo Monsal Bib Tight Collection