When we started looking for Anna’s Legs Ambassadors we knew it was a blank canvas, I (Anna) know that I share similar values for both business and women’s cycling as VeloVixen. We decided to see what came in, make a shortlist and then discuss on merit who we felt would represent our brands, with shared values…

Elle Linton is a fitness-instructor, blogger, health expert and business-woman. She was already known to VeloVixen, and her application stood out to me as well. I was intrigued by her busy lifestyle and the many strings to her bow. Self-employed, self-made, a sports enthusiast, a good communicator, a creative and passionate about mixing work and pleasure I was instantly intrigued. With a great recommendation from VeloVixen after already working with her on other projects, we welcomed Elle on-board and had a chat.

Interestingly, although a “sporty child” Elle’s background does not inevitably lead her into a path of health and fitness, unlike many enthusiasts who seem to have an innate understanding of their calling from their teenage years. She studied Sports & Exercise Science and Uni,despite not having enrolled in PE throughout school, and still maintained that she was not “the most active person.” A series of small opportunities led her, step by step, into first qualifying as a Studio Instructor, then as a Personal Trainer, environments that meant she was surrounded by people who were more mindful of their eating habits and general well-being than she was.

I enjoy hearing her story up until this stage. There is something so undeniably normal about it. A young adult picking up different jobs here and there, sometimes in retail, sometimes abroad, sometimes teaching classes. There is no righteousness about her path to successful business-woman and health and fitness expert, it was simply a path of a regular person, muddling through, finding out what she liked and didn’t like until slowly she shelled out the bad bits (office job) and kept the good bits (lots of things). 

It came to a point where “I loved every minute of everything I was doing and made it my goal to always feel that way about my work.” Not once does Elle mention monetary aims during the whole of the interview, and it becomes obvious that for her, happiness is everything.

I enjoyed the experiences I gained through working in fitness, the people I got to meet on a daily basis and the rewarding feeling of sharing my passion with others.

I hazard a guess that Elle is something of an extrovert, a person who feeds her energy off the people around her, and this becomes a two-way street. I ask her about her own self-motivation, and she tells me that she needs the support of other people to keep her own motivation high. Knowing what she needs herself informs her approach for giving others what they need

Personally, I still to this day find it difficult to motivate myself to exercise on my own. So when given the choice, I choose to workout with friends or go to classes to have an instructor keep me going and have a room full of people to share it with. So when people come to my classes, I want to make sure that they get everything out of it that they can. I bring 100% of my energy and my personality to every class. I get all my motivation from what I see others do. When I see people conquer their goals and make progression in my classes through their hard work it inspires me to do the same. It never gets tiring for me to motivate others; I get my energy from those I teach and vice versa.

This attitude is one of the strongest reasons for working with Elle as an Anna’s Legs ambassador - her understanding of the women’s sport fraternity, her ability to inspire others and openness to be inspired by them. People like Elle are the types of people who will keep women in sport and open the doors for them. People like Elle innately understand the sisterhood, when we support each other we achieve more ourselves. Elle, we salute you!

But there is more! Elle started her own business “Borrow-my-Blender” with the support of the Prince’s Trust, and this February launched her portable, healthy smoothie brand for events. She also writes a successful BLOG and in the last 5 years since starting it has positioned herself as an expert in the field of health and fitness. “Sometimes I wonder myself how I fit it all in!” I reckon it’s all about her strong body, strong mind, eat well actually doing what it’s supposed to do - proving that when people get it right they have more energy and can make better use of their time.

As long as I'm enjoying what I do, I've no reason to stop.

Elle isn’t a through-and-through cyclist, which I thought we were originally looking for in the Ambassador Programme, she is a fitness expert who also happens to like cycling. Especially in the summer when she is looking for a bit of extra vitamin D, she loves to run and cycle outdoors, a feeling that you “can’t beat.” Indoor sports are for playing around with weights, group classes and swimming. It was her love of sport and ability to convey that to other people that swayed us that we didn’t necessarily need people who only identified themselves as “cyclists.” That said, she’s no stranger to two-wheels and is undertaking a challenge with two other Personal Trainer friends of hers, to ride from London to Paris.

Her training, tips, advice, adversities faced is all being documented on her blog, and we thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking to take up a similar, long-distance challenge. We know that her conversational tone, honesty and authenticity will strike a chord with anyone looking for inspiration... and feel like they have a friend in the same boat.

Anna's Legs - Elle's Verdict

Anna’s Legs will be supporting her through the ride with some comfort. We asked her about her thoughts since getting her legs into a pair:

What were your first impressions of your Anna's Legs?

I remember when the first ever collection of Anna's Legs launched; they were bold and beautiful in a landscape of dull cycling clothes for women. I've worked in retail for a high end fitness apparel brand before and have always love when brands create products to fit customers need and that's exactly what Anna's Legs have done. The features of the tights consider the female specific rider and the quality is exceptional so you know they're going to last and give you good value for your money.

What have you used them for so far, and how have they been?

As soon as I got them I had to wear them out for a long ride as that really is the ultimate test of performance and comfort, right?! The fact is, I have nothing to trier back and that is basically the sign of a good, comfortable fit when you can't even remember anything specific. I didn't feel exposed, nothing chafed and I returned home from my ride feeling great. I've had so many compliments on them too; it really doesn't hurt when your kit is both functional and fashionable!

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