I have set about making the most comfortable pair of cycling leggings on the market. As you will see in this video, there are a surprising number of little details that have been thought about, all from a cyclist’s perspective.

The little things can make the biggest difference, as can the biggest things... that’s why there is nothing in my leggings that are an afterthought.

Here's why you should be riding in Anna's Legs:

  1. TOTALLY UNIQUE anti-muffin top waistband
  2. A cross between bibs and non-bibs. All the comfort of bibs without the hassle when you need the loo!
  3. Completely opaque, non see-through panels where it matters the most.
  4. Fabric suitable for year-round, non extreme weather conditions.
  5. Strong and flattering
  6. Side reflective tabs, for side-approaching traffic that won’t see your front and rear lights.
  7. Secret back pocket for phone and wallet.
  8. No labels, everything is printed, comfortable with no waste
  9. Recyclable packaging!

Anna's Legs are available exclusively at VeloVixen. For more information on why you should 'Take Your Knickers Off', click here. Buy your favourite style today and remember to come back and tell us where your legs have taken you.

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