It's that time of year again, when we buy tons of Halloween sweets knowing full well, neither witch nor skeleton will be at our door. Two family-pack bags of drumstick lollies - I'm pretty covered for the next couple of months. The colour of red, orange and brown seem to inspire our choice of clothing and we all insist on having the biggest pumpkin on display - or if you're like me, leave it until last minute and purchase the next best thing, a butternut squash.

Anyway, without cackling on about Halloween too much, here's a selection of perfectly autumnal goodies to keep you cycling happy this season...

As Bold As 100% Waterproof Drench Coat

Possibly the most useful cycling coat around. Let's face it, at this time of year you don't want to be caught up in a downpour wearing a jacket fit for a spit and drizzle.  Do you want to be left looking like a soggy biscuit? Nope, probably not. So unless you're a Hob-Nob, you need the Drench coat. The barrier between you and mass drenching. Perfect for the bike and beyond!

Findra Marin & Caddon Merino Jerseys

They look super luxurious and certainly feel that way too. They've been a massive hit so far and we're sure the Caddon and Marin jerseys will be a long-time favourite.

Sawako Furuno Helmets

If you've not seen the latest Bridget Jones film yet, you need to. The film is a joy to watch, you'll probably relate to her on ALL levels and she rides a bike wearing a Sawako Furuno cycling helmet! I spotted it at the cinema, frantically pointed at the screen and shouted "Sawako!" - I'm sure everyone heard.  With this in mind, I figured I'd share with you a few of my favourite Sawako's...

Hill and Ellis Bags

Leather Hill & Ellis satchels are definately up there with the autumn ankle boots and furry hoods. What better way to carry all your day-to-day essentials. Choose from a range of colours and styles to suit your ride. Carry your satchel in 4 different ways - over your shoulder, by hand, fastened to a bicycle or balanced over your head - bizarre you say? Not when you're dashing to the office without a brolly!

Hand warming implements... 

Of course we sell all manner of snug gloves and mittens to keep your hands warm and toasty.  However, I thought i'd show off a few other treats you may not even know we sell, such as MUGS. We have lots and lots of mugs. Because having a cupboard full is never enough (we all have that clumsy friend).

We also stock the Portland Design Works Bar-ista cup holder! You can actually take your coffee or tea with you on your bike.  A mid-cycle slurp is the cure for any autumnal chill. Note: We advise using a mug with a lid to avoid spillage - unless you fancy doing a 'who spills the least tea' challenge. Yikes.

Remember, keep your base layer tucked in and stay warm this autumn/winter.

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