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Let's face it, 2015 is only going one way from here. Whatever traces of 'summer' we had, we now have to accept begrudgingly, are now probably over. Autumn is here. Along with damper air, juicy blackberries, conkers, the early falling leaves. Oh, and The X-Factor.

At VeloVixen, we always take the approach that bad weather is in the mind. And in the kit. We have an especially great selection of jackets to get you through this Autumn and Winter in real style and comfort. Here are our top picks...


1. Best for Classy Style: Vulpine's new 2015 Range

Vulpine, who first made their name through sumptuous merino tops, continue to create ever more delicious weatherproof jackets. Luxuriate in Vulpine's cosy Ultralight Thermal Quilted Jackets (see main picture, above) and Gilets. Or go for the jacket that defies its rather prosaic name in fully waterproof, breathable style: the Utility Jacket.

They're all finished to typically high standards and we've already heard from several customers who don't even ride a bike. They're that gorgeous.

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2. Best on a Budget: Polaris Aqualite Waterproof Jacket

Even through the summer months, Brit brand Polaris' Aqualite Waterproof Jacket has proven amazingly popular. And little wonder. It's a wolf in a sheep's budget (is that a thing?). At just £50, it's fully waterproof with taped seams and storm flaps for the zip.

Even better than that, the cut is befitting of an all-female team of designers - time and again, our customers tell us how well it fits. Combine this with its light weight and you'll probably find you've forgotten you're wearing it at all after a while!

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3. Best for After Dark: Proviz Cycling Jackets

Proviz have been favourites of ours for some time. Their no-nonsense practicality and pricing are matched by generous sizing, full waterproofing and exceptional visibility. Proviz's range of Nightrider jackets kept countless customers warm and dry through last winter. The Nightrider even ventures beyond hi-viz to a subtler black and silver combo.

And then came the Proviz Reflect 360 - a ground breaking fully reflective jacket, cut specially for female cyclists. Until you see the 360 under lights, you won't appreciate just how dazzling it is! The Proviz team know to what extent waterproofing, comfort and reflectivity count for on a dank November evening. They cover each with equal aplomb. But it's that reflectivity you'll remember!

4. Best for Can't-Decide-on-the-Temperature Rides: Primal's 2015 2nd Layer Range

Primal know their cycling. Their global HQ is still Colorado, and that's a place where the weather can do all sorts. For this winter, they've introduced a '2nd Layer' range - tops that are fleece-lined and more substantial than a jersey, but stretchier and more flexible than most jackets. We can't think why they didn't do it before!

Designed to wear over a lighter jersey or base layer, they leave you with the option to throw on a lightweight waterproof on top should the heavens open. That said, frankly with designs this striking, you'll be loathe to cover up! And if you're looking for something one notch thicker, those friendly Primal lot have obliged with the on-trend Levanta Paradigm Wind/Water Resistant Jacket.

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5. Best for Lightweight Flexibility: Sugoi Hydrolite and Versa

Sugoi are masters of the lightweight cycling jacket. So good are they that we just couldn't decide between two of their models.

The Hydrolite is the classic road jacket - it pulls on and off in seconds (can you do it as you ride without falling off?!), scrunching down to a tiny bundle to stuff inconspicuously into a jersey back pocket. When it's on, it's wind and shower resistant - keeping you protected on those big descents and long flat miles, whilst remaining breathable.

The Versa is really two tops in one: it's a women-specific lightweight showerproof jacket that's as comfortable for commuting as for longer rides. Shrug off the magnetically-attached sleeves when you warm up and hey presto: it's a gilet. It's the ultimate temperature moderator!

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6. Best for the Lady about Town: Water Off A Duck's Back Cassandra

Some styles never go out of fashion, and the Water Off A Duck's Back Cassandra is one such. As you strut into the boardroom or the cafe, they'd never guess the Cassandra's deliberately cut with the female cyclist as its focus. Not until you climb back on your bike, fold back the the reflective collar, belt and sleeves and pedal off into those Autumn showers staying immaculately dry and chic.

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So no more excuses! Cover up, broaden that smile and join us on the roads this Autumn and Winter - after all, the more inclement it is out there, the better you feel at the end of it!