If you’re reading this blog, chances are you feel pretty at home on two wheels. However, there are unfortunate and unavoidable times in your life when you’ll find yourself separated from your beautiful bicycle. Maybe you’re on a short break and it wasn’t worth paying the extra air fare; maybe you’re staying with relatives and there’s no room for the bike; or perhaps it had to go into the workshop. What on earth do you do!?

Here’s some of my favourite things when I suddenly find myself bike-less...


1.  Get sweaty in a hotel room

You might not be able to go for a ride but you can still give yourself a flying start when you finally get back on the road. All those hours spent over the handlebars can have an impact on your back and your hip flexors so it’s always smart to mix up your workouts for some balance.

Yoga is a great way to regain some flexibility as well as build strength so if you keep at it you might actually be able to cycle for longer and with more comfort. The best thing about yoga is that you don’t need any equipment; a mat is nice but there’s nothing wrong with the carpet, beach towel, whatever! I keep myself focused by streaming free classes on my mobile from Bad Yogi and Do You Yoga.


2.  Cheat on your bike

OK so it may be a little disloyal to your trusty stead back home but cycling is a great way to explore and there’s normally somewhere to hire a bike. Being a dedicated road cyclist and part-time mountain-biker, I love to take a big step outside my comfort zone and find a city bike to trundle around on at a leisurely pace.

I feel super-chic with my little handbag sitting nicely in a basket; it makes a change from stuffing all of my worldly possessions into jersey pockets.

Just don’t get too carried away and hire an ultra-heavy Dutch bike with an unfamiliar saddle to ride 50km into the countryside. Trust me. Ouch!


3.  Get some café culture

Bike cafes are everywhere right now. You might not have your bike but you can begrudgingly admire everybody else’s. Just try not to give too many jealous looks to that fresh-faced group who just came in from their ride and are tucking into their well-earned cake.

Of course, cyclists are a friendly bunch, so smile and you might even end up making a friend to exchange stories of past adventures and heroic stunts. Now is the time a few scars come in handy to show off. Just to prove how gnarly you are.

If you just want to soak up the atmosphere quietly with a flat white, bike cafes can even be a great source of inspiration for home décor. Yes you will definitely install that rack of bottle cages on your kitchen wall just as soon as you get home. 


4.  Show off your Sunday best

There’s no reason that you can’t wander around dressed like a cyclist even if your trusty steed is sadly locked away back home. Whilst it might be frowned-upon to hit the town in your best bib-shorts and jersey combo, there are definitely cycling jackets and long-sleeved jerseys out there that are way too nice to risk getting dirty on the bike.

I never go away without my trusty old Ana Nichoola star jersey – it’s super-warm and has tonnes of pocket-space for snacks (did I mention how super-excited I am at Anna Glowinski’s bringing out a new range with VeloVixen?!?!).

You’re also far more likely to see me clutching a bike bag than a handbag. Call me old-fashioned but I do love something that’s water-proof and reflective so I’m safer crossing the road!


5.  Console yourself with some retail therapy

Where were we without the internet? I don’t like to think about it. Whether you need to escape from the dreaded family argument over Monopoly or you’re stuck in a boring hotel in a service station, the internet is always there. After your time off, you want your comeback on the roads to be dazzling, right? Thanks to the internet, your gorgeous new kit can be ready and waiting for you to show off as soon as you get home!


How do you like to spend your time off the bike? 

Great Kit for When You're Bikeless