If you regularly commute on your bike a good pannier bag is a must to transport your belongings and they are also a fab alternative to carrying a rucksack if you want to avoid a sweaty back.

Designs have come on leaps and bounds in recent years and we scour trade shows to bring you the best and brightest pannier bags the bicycle market has to offer. It's therefore of no surprise to us that two of the brands we stock have ended up being included on the Total Women's Cycling 'Top 10 Prettiest Pannier Bags for Your Bicycle'.

What Total Women's Cycling have to say about the Basil Bloom Bike Shopper Pannier Bag

Is it a pannier bag? Is it a shopping bag? It’s both! And it’s gorgeously floral to boot.

With a 20litre capacity, it’s big enough to carry your shopping home, it clips easily onto your pannier rack, and has shoulder straps so you can wear it as a bag. Made of a water resistant and rugged polyester, there are handy outer pockets where you can store your keys and purse.

Price: £50 with FREE UK Delivery & Returns

What Total Women's Cycling have to say about the Bobbin Bicycles Straw Pannier Bag

This pannier bag from Bobbin Bicycles doesn’t just look stylish and striking, being made of straw for a stylish vintage look, it’s also very practical.

It’s lined with a sealed material which makes it 100% waterproof, and has a zip closure for security as well as a velcro sealed flap. Despite being made of straw it keeps it shape, so you can load it with laptop, clothes or shopping and it won’t get all bulgy. Two straps make it the perfect shoulder or shopper bag so it looks just as stylish off the bike as it does on it.

Price: £55 with FREE UK Delivery & Returns

Being a tad biased we would have added a couple more, including the wonderfully elegant Hill & Ellis luxurious leather panniers that were a huge hit at the 2015 London Bike Show, but hey - we can't have it all.

Price: Hill & Ellis Pannier Bags start from £190 and include FREE UK Delivery & Returns