Where was Café du Cycliste born?

In a traditional French cafe nestled in the hills above France's Mediterranean coast. They've since relocated and can be found next to the old port in the heart of Nice. And what a pretty place it is.

Who's behind it?

André a former Ironman and Rémi a former canoeing World Champion are the founding duo behind Cafe du Cycliste. André and Rémi launched what they deliberately describe as an ‘alternative cycling wear brand’. The essence of Cafe du Cycliste is to avoid the unsophisticated and garish. They combine the finest materials and latest technology with a retro twist, allowing you to perform to your best but look elegant and stylish in doing so.

Why we love them so much...

Development, patterning, designing and testing all still take place on the inspirational Cote D’Azur, with only the actual manufacturing outsourced. We simply love their approach to both work and play, and their products consistently rank amongst the most sought after of any we stock.

There are no products matching the selection.

There are no products matching the selection.

So, if you ever take a trip to Nice, remember you can always get your coffee fix at Cafe du Cycliste. You can even rent a bike if you're travelling on foot or use the cafe as a base point if you're already cycling. It's the ideal place, whether you're after a mechanics expertise, showers/ changing facilities or just a heads up on the local routes.

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