Did you know you can create your very own personalised wishlist on VeloVixen? It's the handy way to store those dream items, add notes and click the magic share button to email your wishlist over to a friend. (Let's just say finding your perfect gift just got a whole lot easier for your pals).

So how does one go about using this wishlist sorcery?

Well, first things first, login to your VeloVixen account - those items need to be stored somewhere and by logging in, we know they belong to you. A wishlist mixup... would be... a disaster. If you don't yet have an account, you can set one up here.

Next step, find the things you love... If you're stuck in a rut and need some inspiration to get you in the finding-something-for-you mood, take a look at our top-10 Christmas wishlist items here.

When you spot something that takes your fancy, click on that pleasingly purple Add to Wishlist button and voilà, it's in.

Once you're done adding things (or at least done for the moment, you can always come back later and add more), click the My Wishlist button in the footer or at the top of the page to see all your items together, add notes and to inconspicuously send your list to your favourite people.


Our top-10 Christmas Wishlist items 2015


Sawako Furuno Sparkle Helmet £84

Strictly limited edition, no other helmet out there can bring sparkle to your life like this one - whilst helping keep you eye-catching at the same time.

Padded Cycling Underwear Twin Pack from £70

Once you've discovered the benefits of women's padded cycling underwear, it's hard to go back. Choose any two pairs in our Pile of Padded Pants bundle to get 10% off.

Vulpine Socks from £17

We love Vulpine's playful new Winter range of Polka and Stripe socks. They're merino too, a much loved bonus - toasty when you need them to be and naturally moisture wicking.

Café du Cycliste Cosette base layer £66

Technical but incredibly cosy, with the perfect balance of breathability and insulation, the Cafe du Cycliste Cosette is the perfect merino-blend base layer for cooler rides.

Svelte Arm Warmers £20

The perfect solution for conquering those sudden cold snaps.Then if the going gets toasty, stuff them inside your jersey pocket until you need another boost of their thermal fleecy goodness. We need not mention that they're also available in a selection of irresistible designs... you spotted that already didn't you?

Morvélo Blizzard collection from £60

If you've got a thing for polka dots, we know you're going to love Morvélo's new Blizzard collection. With both thermal and Summer options available, you can be sure you'll be fully colour-coordinated for the next two seasons.

Après Vélo Pyjamas from £29

Take your pedalling into the land of nod. The Après Vélo sleepwear range are super-soft, really comfy and perfectly suited to any cyclist, however you ride.

Bobbin Backpack £90

Effortlessly stylish, hardwearing and practical, this water resistant backpack is packed with clever cycling details and priced brilliantly.

Hoo Ha Ride Glide £18

Longer rides can create issues very... particular to women cyclists. You know what we mean. Things can get sore down there, what with saddle sores, chaffing and other soreness. Hoo Ha is a female-specific chamois cream to reduce friction and give a soothing relief to those 'sensitive' areas particular to us!

Café du Cycliste Lou Lou neckwarmer from £22

A warm, high wicking, fast drying and elegant merino blend neck warmer for all year round usage. Available in three designs.