The problem with running a show like VeloVixen is that you end up liking everything. That's the thing about a 'hand-picked' range. We spend a lot of our time poring over a whopping great proportion of all the kit being released into the women's cycling world - and then select what we really like. It's really quite a luxury.

So when we're put in a half-Nelson and asked to say what from our range we'd most like to get for Christmas, it's not easy. It's caused consternation, deliberation and procrastination amongst the team. But we've squeezed an answer out of everyone... actually, we buckled and allowed everyone two picks:

  • Liz - Co-Founder & Strategy Guru

Liz has a weakness for loud socks, so this year's whole 'sock doping' craze has played right into her hands. She also has a weakness for merino, so when Vulpine's sock range (above right, from £15) for this winter first emerged, we had to struggle to hold her back. She's been wearing the polka dots all Autumn and hankering after the stripes.

As a mum, Vulpine's Ultralight Quilted Thermal Gilet (above left, £119) has proved just as much of a godsend. Whether she's riding two wheels or pushing a four-wheeled buggy, it's equally adaptable, comfortable and stylish. As she said just the other day: 'It probably gets worn more than any other piece of clothing I own!'


  • Phil - Co-Founder and CEO

Phil has Argentine family links and cycled 5000km through the country with Liz in 2010 - so has an unashamed penchant for top notch leather craftsmanship! So Hill & Ellis's stunning Mac Leather Bike Bag (above left, £190), from their range of handmade leather bike bags  tops his Christmas list.

He's recently been spotted regularly leaving the office under cover of darkness in his Proviz Reflect 360+ Waterproof Jacket (above right,£109) - the men's version, don't worry. He tells us it's his early Christmas present to himself, and still can't get over the sheer brightness of it.

- for more ideas of gifts that also work for men, check out our Gifts for Him guide.


  • Becks - Communications Manager

Becks is all about the off road (except when she's riding on road, of course). Her list to Father Christmas contains products that are both perfect for mountain biking, and stylish enough to adapt to other riding too. Like the ground-breaking Bern Prescott Helmet (above right, was £89, now £49), Bern's much vaunted departure into the off-road world.

Complementing it perfectly is the Flare Stage Enduro Jersey (above left, £50), full of gnarly style and attitude. 'I'd be happy with either', she tells us. 'But I'm definitely angling for both!'


  • Rose - Stock & Order Processing

Before heading off recently for an Australian season riding the Tour Down Under, Rose made it quite clear to us what she was hoping for as a farewell! Whilst they may not suit Aussie temperatures in high summer, Svelte's remarkable arm warmers (above left, £20) are just too stunning not to pack.

Likewise, the perennially popular Cafe du Cycliste Yolande merino blend jersey (£129) may have to wait until the British early spring for Rose, but she's so bowled over by it that she's happy to wish away the Australian summer! Her only problem, she admits, is deciding between the Aubergine (above right) and the chic dark green.


  • Vic - Graphic Designer & Newsletter Wizard

Vic's gets to see a lot of our products at close quarters, and has been especially impressed by SASS's complete range of female specific riding products. Not satisfied with keeping you comfortable during your ride (Prepare Me), they also ensure a quick recovery from any saddle soreness with their Recover Me formula. A UK company, they start at just £7.

Having spent several days at the NEC Cycle Show introducing the world to Après Vélo's irresistible range of cycling sleepwear, she's succumbed to the allure of their Cycle of Dreams Pyjamas (£45). Come on Father Christmas, do your thing!


  • Kirsty - on Maternity Leave

Whilst she's been dealing full time with handsome young Jack, Kirsty's been putting two of her finest VeloVixen discoveries to the test. As she powers round the mean streets of Gloucestershire, she's loving the combination of Urbanist's range of cycling underwear (above left, from £42 or £75.60 for 2 pairs) and VeloCity's made-for-cycling trousers (£85).

As she explained recently, 'they both nail that balance between style, quality and cycling je ne sais quoi - and they work so well together'. She's put them both on her list again - high praise indeed.


  • Matt - Website Maestro

Like Phil, Matt admits to not being a woman. But that hasn't stopped him picking quite a selection of goodies from the site. Café du Cycliste's Cycling Gloves (above right, £54) are top - a typically stylish addition to any look or ride, for women or men.

And since spending more days on the VeloVixen events stand than is good for a man this year, he's become curiously addicted to the fabulous smells - and effects - of activbod's range of bodycare products (above left, packs from £17). In fact, you'll struggle to find any of our number who isn't!


  • Zoe (3 3/4) & Emma (11 months) - the VeloCubs

The balance bike's been coming along nicely in 2015, but Zoe wouldn't yet profess to real cycling expertise. However, she's still a sucker for Mummy and Daddy's Vulpine 'Beep-Beep Buttons' (see left) and would really appreciate more wearing of Vulpine generally.

Emma, meanwhile, has become a big fan of Liz's Suzy Q silver plated bike necklace - especially as a diversion during breastfeeding!