Lets talk about bums!! If you are relatively new to the saddle, or even if you class yourself as an 'intermediate', the chance is you will feel some level of discomfort whilst out on your chosen steed. We're willing to bet that those of you in this category don't use a chamois cream as a matter of course. Those more battle hardened amongst you will be able to atest to the reaquainted joy found through diving behind a hedge at the 50 mile point to reapply a certain cream to your nether regions.

It's no bad thing that the chamois pads of old, made of proper leather and characterised by their ability to shrink, harden and become the cyclists version of a torture device, have been banished to cycling's equivalent of Room 101. Nowadays, modern technology and fabrics have combined to offer genuine advancements in the saddle, but, even the best chamois pads experience friction and sweating, which is where a good chamois cream comes in. 


Why Do I Need Chamois Cream? As you ride, friction, heat, bacteria and sweat build up between your skin and the pad in your shorts, which if left unchecked could lead to chafing and the dreaded saddle sores occurring.

Chamois Cream fixes this by providing a layer of lubrication between your derrière and the chamois pad itself, and in the process provides a combination of cooling, soothing and healing thanks to its anti-bacterial and anti-flammatory properties.

Predominantly used for longer journeys, but helpful for those travelling any distance, a correct application of chamois cream stops any onset of chafing and saddle sores in their tracks (phew!), whilst making your ride oh so much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Top Tip: approach applying to skin which is already broken or raw with caution... some of the active ingredients in even women-specific Chamois Creams can sting a bit!


How Do I Apply Chamois Cream? Truthfully, there are a number of ways - some more dainty (and socially acceptable!) than others. Resembling warm butter in its consistency, Chamois Cream requires a liberal application to be effective. You can apply it either to the pad directly (as above), your skin directly, or a combination of the two if it takes your fancy! Whichever way you choose to go, the effect will be the same in terms of providing you with that vital protective layer.

From our personal experience, we suggest popping it directly onto your skin, which will help ensure it avoids your intimate regions.

Top Tip: Make sure you wash Chamois Cream off as soon as possible when you finish your ride.  It's great when you're on the saddle, but actually prevents the skin breathing and drying when off it!


What Chamois Cream Should I Use? With all the above to consider, how do you know which Chamois Cream is right for you? Well, here at VeloVixen we've gone to great lengths to bring you what we consider to be the very best Chamois Creams out there today for female cyclists. Whichever you choose, you'll know it's got women's cycling at its core, and your bum's best interest at  heart!

Hoo Ha Ride Glide (236ml £18.00): Brought to you by the fabulous California-based Jena & Laurie, Hoo Ha Ride Glide was one of the first women-specific chamois creams conceived. Designed by women for women, this cream offers easy application through its tubular design and with the addition of tea tree and peppermint is everything you need to protect your Hoo Ha from any saddle related nasties! Plus it looks just so classy.

Our lovely customers adore this Chamois Cream, but if you need a little more convincing of its merits, check out what women's cycling journalist Fiona Outdoors thought.

SASS Intimate Potection Barrier Cream (100ml £14.00): a relative newcomer to the Chamois Cream sector, SASS bring a whole new level of scientific expertise to the party with their Intim-8 technology. Soothing, hydrating and healing is all part of the package with this beauty, and so far it's proving very popular with our customers as a result!

Add in the fact it is dermalogically tested and gynaelogically approved, as well as guaranteeing that you won't experience any adverse reaction in using this cream, you begin to see why this offers a whole new level of protection.