At VeloVixen we pride ourselves on scouring the cycling industry to select the finest women's biking kit for you. Because of this commitment we are confident that we offer you the chicest range of women's cycling kit to pick from.

Grab a brew, sit back and discover which particular products in our handpicked range have impressed our customers the most so far in 2015.

1. Urbanist Cycling Knickers

‘How do I stay comfortable on my bike without having to wear full-on women’s cycling shorts?’ If we had a pound for every time we’d heard that...

Now there’s an answer: women’s cycling underwear. Urbanist padded knickers have been dubbed the holy grail of women’s cycling products and we're proud to have worked closely with founder Christiana to bring them over to the UK for our customers to reap the benefits.

They're attractive yet durable pants lined with high quality chamois padding, designed to let you pedal untroubled while still radiating femininity. You’ll probably soon find you’re wearing them all day, whether you’re on your bike or not. And why not?

We've struggled to keep these padded pants on the shelves, easy to say they've proven the most popular product to date in 2015.

2. Georgia In Dublin Leggits

Our customers like to lead in the cycling style stakes. Take the innovative award-winning Leggits from mother and daughter team Georgia in Dublin.

Leggits are functional, stylish, super technical and our customers can't get enough. They must recognise quality when they see it, as when Leggits launched they received an international award for design innovation and production quality at EuroBike, Europe's largest bike show.

Cycling website got it right when they wrote, "Georgia In Dublin Leggits are proper long, waterproof gaiters for cyclists, exclusively female ones, and a pretty innovative idea. A great way of keeping your legs smart and dry when it's wet out."

Leggits are everything that VeloVixen's about: they combine eye-catching design and innovation with brilliant functionality and comfort - and all with such style. Simply pop a pair of Leggits over your shoes, boots, flats or heels. Say hi to visibility and bye to sodden jeans and spoiled shoes...

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3. Sugoi RS Cycling Shorts

They may not look like much, but these stealth black cycling shorts from Sugoi are one of our founders favourite bits of kit. Personally tried and tested, Liz wore them for most of our 10,000km ride through the Americas in 2010 and they were as good at the end as at the beginning. As, indeed, was she!

'Hard wearing' doesn't begin to do them justice. Sugoi's RS Cycling Shorts are their classic model of cycling shorts, and you'll have to go a long way to find cycling shorts that work and feel better.

It's this commitment to quality that our customers love, and we're always inundated with positive feedback about this particular model of short. If you prefer a longer leg length, Sugoi even make a 3/4 length version of the padded short.

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4. Bargain Bundles

Who doesn't love a bargain? Our customers certainly do and rightly so!

We make it our mission to ensure we provide the best quality cycling kit at the best possible value and one of the ways we achieve this is with our ever-popular bundles.

Bundles are a great way to let us help you create a more complete look. And of course to grab a bargain at the same time!

The most popular bundles in our range for the start of 2015 have been the Morvélo and Primal jersey and bib combinations, and the Knog Gekko front and rear lights duo.

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5. Primal SS2015 Women's Cycling Jerseys

With their bright and distinctive designs, Primal jerseys are a long standing favourite among our customers.

We're always excited when we receive the new season's catalogue from Primal, ready for us to get our teeth into and pick out the jerseys from their new range.

From the popular Tagged jersey in 2014, to the top sellers of the start of 2015, including Bold, Petal and Le Grand - it's clear VeloVixen shoppers love a bright pattern!

Primal are certainly not style over substance, as these have proven to be fantastic technical jerseys and in our eyes offer excellent value for money.

It's just a question of which will you pick, or will you treat yourself to two...

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