Did you make it to the Cycle Show? It was our first time exhibiting at Birmingham's NEC, and - it's fair to say - it was quite a show. We deliberately plonked ourselves in a prime spot, right by one of the main entrances and quickly became a focus for the thousands of female cyclists who sacrificed a sunny ride to come and hang out at the show!

But which products went down best? Here - in no particular order - are our Top 9 (quirky, huh?!)...

(and if you signed up for our Competition to win a pair of Padded Cycling Pants, see if you're one of the 3 lucky winners at the bottom!)


1. Après Vélo Sleepwear

Cycling PJs? Who'd have thunk it? They'd only arrived with us from Down Under 48 hours before the show, so this was very much their UK début.

From the reaction their soft brushed cotton designs got, they could be onto something with cycling-themed sleepwear...

2. Padded Cycling Underwear

Already our most popular product of the year, it was amazing to see even the doubters' eyes light up when they saw the benefits of these remarkably adaptable bottom halves.

Perhaps the highlight was our lovely customer who'd just come back from a 3-week ride across France on which she'd worn Urbanist's Brigittes for up to 80 miles a day with no issues.

3. Bobbin Waxed Canvas Bike Bags

Bobbin have entered the world of bike bags with a bang - their brand new range of lightly waxed canvas bags come in a range of four effortlessly chic colours, will keep your possessions dry in all but a monsoon, and a cleverly priced at around the £100 mark - a treat, but not an unaffordable one.

We think they've created a classic range of cycle bags.

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4. Women-Specific Chamois Cream

So many of you made us feel somewhere between alchemists and wizards for having brought along such a selection of potions and lotions to keep you comfortable on your saddle! It's one of the real pleasures of running VeloVixen that we get the chance to solve problems that can genuinely stop people from cycling.

With this selection of women-specific chamois cream there's no longer any need to get sore on your saddle.

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5. Proviz 360 Reflect Collection

Proviz's 360 Reflect jacket and rucksack were dazzling enough even under the questionable NEC spotlights, so it didn't take a huge leap of imagination for people to see just how blindingly visible they make you on a bike after dark. In fact, our Founder Phil has ordered the male version of the Proviz 360 Reflect to get him through the winter - and he hasn't bought anything for cycling for years!

A quantum leap forward in reflective high-visibility kit that doesn't have to look garish in daylight, it was no wonder you couldn't get enough of these.

6. Velocity Water-Resistant Cycling Trousers

Another recent addition to our range (in fact, within days of the show!), we'd been watching carefully how London-based Velocity Urban Cyclewear developed. Eventually, we couldn't resist. Velocity's trousers combine style, great cut and top notch materials - water and stain resistant, with just that soupcon of stretch for comfort.

Add in cleverly conceived reflective detailing and it wasn't hard to see why you thought these were a hit.

7. Sealskinz Waterproof Gloves

We all get cold hands on a bike. And if they're wet too, things instantly get worse. That's why we're such fans of Sealskinz' tried and tested waterproof technology. It just works. And they also give you the choice of how much thermal insulation you want.

The real winner, though, is that these are designed specifically for female hands - meaning less improvising and compromising to find the right size. Oh, and their foot and headwear is pretty handy too!

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8. Primal's Groundbreaking Autumn/Winter 2015 Range

Primal (and we can't say too much at this stage...) are busy leading from the front in reinventing the image of women's cycling clothing. From what we've seen, there's some special stuff on the way next year. And their new gear for this winter is a precursor to this.

We've never seen such nuanced options on how much warmth you need from your top half. And from all your positive comments whilst purring over them at the show, it seems neither have you!

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9. Vulpine's Merino & Padded Luxury

Dare we say it... Vulpine's latest collection just might make their gear more desirable than ever? You coo-ed over their stunning new Iris, Dutch Orange and Charcoal shades.

With materials like these it really helps to hold them, stroke them, sniff them... and we're pretty sure there were some non-cyclists seduced by the sheer quality.

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And the lucky winners of the Padded Cycling Pants are:

  • Rachel Riley (hand on heart, this was not a fix!)
  • Liz Gifford
  • Judith Harper

Congratulations! Please contact us with your sizing details, address and which pair of ZIB Pants you would like to go for...