Endura - you see a lot of it around, don't you? So until recently, you could have been guilty of assuming it's a bit... generic?

That's all changed now. Here's why...

In late 2017, they added to their growing roster of sponsored superstars no less a name than Rachel Atherton (above) - a bona fide mountain biking legend and one of the coolest people around. It's a huge moment for Endura's women's kit.

Why does Rachel suit Endura so well?

Well, she's a 4-time UCI World Champion and 5-time overall winner of the UCI World Cup for a start, plus a recent winner of BT Sport’s Action Woman of the Year Award.

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She runs the notorious Redbull Foxhunt event - a downhill ‘race’ in which amateur riders received a significant headstart - and, with her equally awesome brothers Gee and Dan, even has her own television series.

'I practically live in it' - Rachel Atherton's top pick

We met her in early 2018, and it's fair to say she's sold on her new Endura kit!

Here she is winning her most recent world championship...

Our founders Liz and Phil (pictured, with adventurer Mark Beaumont) know Endura well. They used Endura kit throughout the 2010 odyssey that led to the launch of VeloVixen. And they loved it - for over 10,000km. It was the start of a slow-burn love affair with Endura.

Liz says: "During our trip, Endura kit looked after us brilliantly. It kept us warm, dry, and visible. It really worked. But - let's be honest here - back in 2010 it wasn't exactly... glamorous."

Were we missing something?

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We were. When we revisited Endura in 2017, we quickly learned how quickly things had changed. Today, Endura is simply one of the most exciting brands around. Here's a flavour of why...

Endura was founded in Scotland in 1993 with a no-nonsense commitment to improving how cycling kit fitted, performed and worked for everyone. They still make plenty of their kit in Scotland, and are proudly based in West Lothian, just outside Edinburgh.

Importantly, their team is chock full of female talent - a massive plus for us, of course!

From day 1, Endura's been a maverick brand. Their stated philosophy is 'Renegade Progress'. Endura's range of ground-breaking products have in many cases gone on to earn iconic status within cycling and have frequently reset benchmark for function and durability for the industry.

In road cycling, you'll find Endura's name emblazoned on some of the biggest names in the sport. Take the Cervelo Bigla women's team, for example, one of the top teams in the world. With characters like Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio, Lotto Lepisto and Britain's Ciara Horne in the ranks, they're regularly to be found on UCI podiums.

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And that's even before you get onto the Movistar men's team - once again the leading team in the peloton in 2016, and little wonder with names like Valverde, Dowsett and Quintana involved.

Why do these massive teams go with Endura? It's all about the technology. They work extensively with Simon Smart of Smart Aero Technology - widely acknowledged as the world’s leading aerodynamisist in cycling.

'Does all that fancy stuff make any difference to me?', you cry! Well, it does. All that tech trickles down - and makes sure that all the way through the range the fit, finish and technology punch well above their weight.

Away from the road, it'll come as no surprise to learn that Endura's mountain biking products are right up amongst the best. It's no surprise, given Scotland's proud MTB heritage and landscapes... (and Rachel Atherton wouldn't wear anything less!)

What may surprise you is the range of stunning colourways and designs, to say nothing of the great female fit.

Endura are perhaps MOST famous for their urban and commuting kit, and that environment is where you're likely to be most aware of them. They can draw on the incredible technology and materials from their road and MTB ranges to come up with some of the safest, most durable, most visible and most comfortable kit available.

One of Endura's greatest advantages is just how easy it is to use their kit across all kinds of cycling. You can use pretty much any Endura product for a weekend potter down the towpath, or even your next spinning class

VeloVixen Urban Favourites from Endura

And all this is without mentioning arguably the most recognisable cycling star of them all: Scotland's own Danny MacAskill, the man who's transcended cycling and gets us all purring at his unique party tricks on a humble bike. Did you know he's all kitted out in Endura? He is, and with regular 10m viewer videos doing the rounds, he's a man in demand.

This video gives a flavour of Danny in his home surroundings - using Endura to better effect than most of us can ever dream of...!

Over a generation, all of this has seen Endura evolve from a proudly Scottish local brand to a global stalwart of the cycling sector.

And with that has come the real fun.

Today, they match great finish, fit and robustness with fabulous styles and colourways. And they're associated with some of the most exciting names in cycling. Could you be next?

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