Women's mountain biking is thriving like never before.

Yes, it's true that at the top end we recently saw the bizarre situation of having no GB women represented in the medalfest that was Rio. But names like Manon Carpenter and the incomparable Rachel Atherton are ensuring that we have a glowing raft of top talent to inspire us.

The combination of these elite inspirations and the simple joy of a country full of glorious places to ride your mountain bike is resulting in more and more female cyclists climbing on bikes with suspension and fat tyres.

Add to that the momentum that comes with growing numbers of participant and it's no surprise that suddenly female specific MTB clothing brands are emerging.

Correction: not 'suddenly' - the good ones have been creating a name for themselves for some years. In the most organic way, they've honed their kit to the point of perfection and are now offering stunning designs with quality of fit and finish to match.



We've stocked Flare's striking designs for some years. We love the boldness of the graphics, the deft combos of colourways that let you create your own look, and the sheer attention to detail coming from the finest factories in Portugal.

At to that the fact that Hannah Myers, the creator, is a Nottingham girl with a real passion and understanding of the UK mountain biking scene and a willingness to travel to all corners of Europe to spread the Flare gospel. Well, as you can imagine it was right up our street trail!

Flare Highlights



We're seriously excited about Findra. We've been running into Alex Feechan at shows for years, often just the two of us flying the flag for female cycling. This summer, the stars aligned and we agreed to welcome Findra's radical range of women's mountain biking gear to VeloVixen.

Why so amazing, you ask?

Well, one of our biggest challenges as an online business is to let you imagine sheer quality through words and pictures. With Findra, let your imagination wander: imagine female mountain biking kit designed by an experienced Scottish designer with real insight into the world of textiles.

Then imagine her choosing the finest merino wool and creating a range of beautifully fitted garments whose subtle femininity and fit bely just how hard wearing they are for serious riding. Finally, conjure up in your mind some of the most delicous colours you can, and imagine that they all work together as a look.

We'll let Alex tell you a bit more, in her inimitably modest style:

In short, we had serious trouble picking the highlights to showcase on VeloVixen! In the end, we chose most of it. These cycling tops are simply some of the most luxuriant we've come across. You can be sure several of the VeloVixen team will be rocking these day to day in the office...!

And then there are the neck warmers - we're expecting these to be hugely popular through the colder months. Deliciously soft and brilliant at keeping you warm without overheating, their huge range of colourways allow you to match them either with Findra jerseys or with plenty of your other kit. And at £26, they make a perfect present - a real treat. Here's just a taste...!

Autumn is just around the corner, so there's no time like the present to get prepared to shred those trails through the mountain biking season in comfort. And now there's no excuse not to look awesome as you do! And you haven't even seen Findra's classic denim style MTB shorts yet...