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At VeloVixen, we love hearing about organisations whose passion it is to encourage people to get our on their bikes. It's possible that you've heard London Bike Kitchen's name on the grapevine, their respect within the cycling community a credit to their hard work and dedication in sharing their bike mechanic wisdom.

The London Bike Kitchen is a non-profit that teaches and supports people in becoming self-sufficient and proficient in bike maintenance. We welcome those from all backgrounds and bicycles and encourage them to contribute to community bike culture in London and the world.

In addition to their many fantastic services, London Bike Kitchen also offer special workshops for women and gender-variant people (WAG Night) every 2nd and 4th Monday.

Growing up, women aren’t generally encouraged to fix bikes or given access to knowledge about mechanics in general. As a result, women can feel like they can’t fix stuff themselves, or think it’s a man’s domain... We want to do away with all this, and create a space where you are empowered to learn about your bike, share what you know.

London Bike Kitchen have reached a critical point in their journey by being offered the opportunity to expand their services to a second workshop. This new workshop would be a godsend for the organisation, but they need your help to get there...

Watch their video below to find out how a second workshop will help London Bike Kitchen

If you want to help London Bike Kitchen's dream come true, jump over to their crowdfunding page using the link below.

Help London Bike Kitchen

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Learn more about London Bike Kitchen by visiting their website here

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