Catherine Ellis, founder of Hill & Ellis, has created a range of jaw-droppingly elegant bicycle bags. It was love at first sight when we were introduced to the launch collection; Dorothy, Duke and Birkdale. The pungeant smell of leather, the quality oozing from every stitch, and the sheer practicality of each model.

Catherine has forged ahead with designs, launching a satchel range that has made incredible waves in the mainstream media. With loyal customers such as news broadcaster Jon Snow and journalist, Zoe Williams, these are bags that have mass appeal.

Starting at £190, Hill & Ellis bags are a touch of luxury for you and your bike. They are bags for life, and if given some TLC will just get better with age.

Whether you opt for the classic launch collection or the newer satchel range, every bag is a sartorial showstopper packed with cleverly hidden cycle-specific features to make your commute a truly joyous occasion:

  1. Waterproofed Zip Pocket - inside a waterproof lined pocket is provided to store wet clothing and accessories

  2. Rain Cover - provided in it's own pocket ready to whip out when the British climate lets you down

  3. Protective Metal bar - helps prevent chafing of leather once affixed as a pannier bag

  4. Hidden Pannier Hooks - off the bike these are elegantly hidden under zipped leather flap, when on show they attach to a standard back pannier rack

  5. Clever Inner Features - protective sleeve for laptops and iPads, smaller zipped pockets to keep valuables safe and hooks for keys so you don't have to go scrabbling around to find your bike lock keys

  6. Reversible Reflective Strips - leather on one side, highly reflective material on the other, simply flip these reversible strips as and when you need that extra bit of visibility!

So which is your favourite?