At VeloVixen, we like to keep a careful ear out for the latest in cycling kit technology. And sometimes the news is just too exciting to keep to ourselves.

We can't divulge the brand in question, but we can exclusively reveal that secret testing is currently taking place in the central mountains of Colombia on a hot new range of cycling kit.

And when we say it's for a hot new range, we really mean it.

Colombia's cycling pedigree is well-renowned. It's consistently produced some of the finest cyclists in modern history - including huge names like Rigoberto Uran and Nairo Quintana.

It's also famous for producing extraordinary chillis. Yes, the hot stuff that can make your eyes water and your mouth burn.

Now the two are coming together in a seamless organic blend of Colombia's finest. Until now, sports technologists have struggled to blend natural fibres with predominantly lycra-based fabric.

No longer.

Hotpantz TM is a new model of shorts with chilli fibres woven into the fabric. When your legs start to warm up through pedalling, the chilli properties will trigger, causing your performance and efficiency to improve sharply.

WADA confirmed that chilli is not currently on any banned list of substances

Scientists forming part of the test team claim an 11% increase in leg performance versus non-chilli infused shorts. Head of Fabric Technology Juan Abrille told us:

"It is amazing the difference a natural product woven into the Hotpantz can make. Truly, we could not believe the gains. And we are so proud that we can at last harness Colombia's abundant and famous natural resources in a positive way to create a dynamic new energy".

Although Hotpantz TM will be the only chilli-infused product available initially, our sources told us that Blazing Saddles TM and Burning Bras TM are also in the pipeline.

Early testing suggests that the chilli-infused saddle will allow for similar effects using non-specific shorts, whilst the bras will create more efficient breathing and better lung expansion.

We have been in contact with WADA (the World Anti-Doping Authority), who confirmed that chilli is not currently on any banned list. This suggests that once launched Hotpantz TM are likely to be taken on by many pro teams.

We will continue to listen out for updates and are hopeful of being amongst the very first retailers to stock Hotpantz TM, Blazing Saddles TM and Burning Bras TM.