For most professional sports people, retirement can be a thorny issue. When do you do it and - far more troubling - what do you do once you've hung up your boots/skis/cleats/racket (delete as appropriate)? Surely the only way is down?

So just imagine if you're Britain's most decorated Olympian and a household name. How do you top that?

You design cycling kit, of course.*

Not unexpectedly, Sir Chris Hoy has taken to post-cycling retirement with typical élan. He's a man whose sporting exploits have transcended sport, and who's been labelled the 'nicest man in sport' more often than he's done laps of the velodrome. So he had the luxury of being spoilt for choice.

And he chose Vulpine to work with. Not one of the global megabrands that were no doubt jostling to sign him up, but a small, albeit ambitious, London based firm set up less than three years earlier.


Well, Sir Chris is a shrewd man. He recognised that by working with Nick Hussey and his band of merry men and women at Vulpine - themselves not afraid to rattle the branches of the often conservative cycling sector - he could really put his mark on a new range of clothing without having to compromise on quality. And he could work with decent people.

And so Hoy Vulpine was born, in early 2015.

Vulpine were already making award winning cycle clothing for urban riding. They were so good that they could be used for longer, more competitive rides (our CEO Phil has used them on numerous Tour de France stages). But they hadn't yet catered directly to the more competitive or technical cyclist.

So Vulpine now has two strings to its bow: Vulpine Green, the stunning original range which continues to evolve and improve each season. And Hoy Vulpine, which has now arrived with VeloVixen to the delight of the roadies out there. Here are some of the highlights:


Senko Jerseys

The top-of-the-range Senko jerseys are designed for serious riders who are looking for top quality design and feminine race cut without looking too... showy. Typical of Hoy Vulpine, Senkos are understated yet stylish and on a par with any technical jersey out there.

As an added bonus, Sir Chris and the team have torn up the rule book and created sleeveless 'vests' - perfect for a really hot ride, if you're wanting to smooth out those tan lines, or even for spinning.

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Sportive Jerseys

One step down the price ladder, Hoy Vulpine's Sportive Jerseys are cut a little looser and made of incredibly comfortable odour-resistant material.

In fact, the material's one of the most fascinating aspects of the whole range: it's called 'S Cafe yarn' and is blended from coffee grounds. Seriously. If that's not thinking laterally, we'd like to know what is!  Most importantly, it adds softness, fast drying properties, odour control & UV protection. And they look stunning.

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Sportive Bibs & Caps

Hoy Vulpine's Sportive Bib Shorts were designed on the back of exhaustive research into what women wanted in bibs. The result is a flattering, uncomplicated bib that's incredibly comfortable and secure. They've combined a pro level CyTech pad with sweat-wicking Coolmax fabric, plus a comfortably wide waistband and ultrastretchy top half. Their simple elegance ensures they go with any Hoy Vulpine jersey - and most others too.

And of course there's a classy cycling cap - the ideal accessory to tuck under your lid. It'll keep the sun and rain off, and will help to moderate your temperature in all climates.

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Sportive Mitts

All cycling gloves are not alike. Especially not when someone like Chris Hoy has got his hands on/in their design. Literally. The result: gloves you can ride all day in, with real protection for your palms in padding that's still thin enough to mould to your palms. And their classical colours make it easy to match them with other outfits.

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Sportive Socks

And finally, the socks. The ultimate way to accessorise your cycling wardrobe in these days of 'sock doping'. But, Italian-made good looks aside, they need to measure up technically too. Which these do, in spades.

Their textured panelling allows them to dry quickly, whilst their shaped stretch fabric wraps them around your foot comfortably enough for a full day's riding.

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We're delighted to be one of a very small number of retailers stocking Hoy Vulpine. It's been described as the 'thinking woman's' road cycling brand, and we're expecting it to become one of our biggest sellers.


* As a sideline, he also happens to design Hoy Bikes, write the Flying Fergus children's book series. Oh, and race cars at 200mph at Le Mans. What a legend.