3 of the pad designs considered by design studio Olof Pir - the final decision has yet to be confirmed

Exciting news emerged earlier this week about a transformation in the humble female cycling chamois pad. Recognising what a personal issue getting the right chammy can be, Swedish design studio Olof Pir A.L. have created and patented the InfLady-PadTM - a pad designed to be ‘the perfect fit for every rider’.

Naturally we were curious to find out more, and when we spoke to their representative, Anna Lindgren, from Stockholm she explained: 

“For so long finding the right pad has caused issues for cyclists, especially female ones. So we’ve taken the element of trial and error out of it. The InfLady-PadTM allows you to inflate up to 6 separate panels in the pad to just the right density for your particular anatomy.”

Anna went on to discuss the real highlight:

“For many women, what puts them off the idea of cycling shorts is that the pad can feel bulky when you’re not on your bike. With the InfLady-PadTM you simply deflate the panels by squeezing the discreetly hidden valves. So you can stop for coffee or walk into work with no pad making you walk funny. Then when you get going again, you simply reinflate using your own bike pump – or why not build team spirit by getting a friend to help out.”

We love the idea, and understand on the grapevine that a number of the top riders in the elite women’s peloton have already expressed an interest. Olof Pir are expecting to begin a crowdfunding for around Kr2,000,000 (£179k) in the coming weeks, with the first shorts using the InfLady-PadTM launching in 2018. Watch this space!

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