I completely get that it’s what you do on a bike rather than how you lookon it that’s of greatest importance. But I really get a buzz out of feeling well turned out when I hop aboard.

As I far prefer cycling and visiting the gym to going out on the town, these activities represent my opportunity to get dressed up and feel good about myself.

I enjoy selecting an outfit, colour coordinating and yes, putting on makeup sometimes, even when I’m planning on riding in a full face helmet with goggles on. 

This small act of self-care helps me feel that I’m worth making an effort for, reminding me not to put my own feelings last.

I lust after new road shoes like other women do new Jimmy Choo’s

It makes me feel cheerful and more outgoing, something that changes the way others interact with me and therefore has the power to influence how my entire day pans out. 

Nice kit has a similar effect. I’m completely obsessed by cycling clothing and trying not to go the same way with gym wear. I lust after new road shoes like other women do new Jimmy Choo’s.

I’m considering putting up a shelf just to display my helmets, kicks and glasses like a mini walk in wardrobe.

Am I a saddo? Probably…

After much obsessing, I’ve managed to whittle my list down

So when Velovixen asked me to compile a Christmas wish list, the only trouble I had was not selecting every damn thing on the website.

CLICK for VeloVixen's Guide to Cycling Gifts

The site is chocka-block with beautiful patterns, prints and colours, showcasing the very best Christmas cycling gifts a woman road cyclist, mountain biker, commuter or spinning class obsessive could ever wish for.

After much obsessing, I’ve managed to whittle my list down to the select handful of items below. So now all I have to do is hope that Father Christmas is listening!


Findra Skye Merino Striped Socks


I have a real ‘thing’ about socks and Findra’s Skye Merino striped socks are top of my Christmas list this year.

Hand knitted in the UK, these socks are great for cycle touring; the wool has natural anti-microbial properties so they stay fresh for longer than synthetic or cotton socks.

If I had these, I’d basically never take them off.


VeloVixen Chase the Sunset RidePac


I’ve had my eye on one of Velovixen’s Velopacs for a long time now and this one, designed by artist Spencer Wilson, has a cycling fox on it - so what’s not to like?

Fully waterproof with plenty of compartments inside, this cycling wallet easily fits your phone, cash, cards and is designed to stay put in your jersey pocket.


ASSOS Uma GT Camou Jersey


ASSOS have really nailed it with their UMA GT range which is more moderately priced than some of their other offerings.

The Camou jersey comes in three colours, so picking just one was tricky but this lovely sunny yellow tone is perfect for injecting a bit of cheer into the darkness of winter. 


Findra Marin Cowl Neck Stripe Merino Jersey


Another Findra piece, this cosy merino top uses lightweight, Italian spun merino making for a lightweight, soft jersey that will regulate your temperature well.

I’d love to wear this for a café ride with my daughter as it looks gorgeous and would feel good both on and off the bike. 


Endura Singletrack Lite Short II


Ok, now obviously I’m sponsored by Fox, but if I wasn’t then I’d definitely choose these Endura Singletrack Lite shorts.

They’re such a lovely coral colour, they’re stretchy and comfortable and have zippered pockets so I won’t lose my stuff.


Endura Singletrack Jacket II

From £69.00

If I had the shorts, I’d definitely need the matching jacket, right?


VeloVixen Padded Cycling Knickers


I never thought I’d wear padded knickers but then I started doing more rides with my daughter on the child seat attached to my bike.

I’ve begun extending some of our rides a little so that I can fit in some endurance training before the obligatory cake stop and visit to the swings.

The bike and child combo is pretty weighty so I put padded knickers on for a bit of extra cushioning as I don’t always feel like wearing Lycra.


Hommage au Velo Eddy Cycling Cap


And finally... I can't resist this really distinctive looking cap from new UK brand Hommage au Velo. It's a punchy design and a classical shape that, like everything else on this list, would get a lot of wear in 2019!

What's on your list?!