It's been the harshest of late winters, but we've taken the opportunity to welcome new faces into the warm heart of the VeloVixen den!

We remain a proudly family-run business and have always made sure we only work with the best and nicest people. These two are no exception.

1. ** NEWSFLASH ** - Kirsty's back...

Blogs, Content & Ideas

Kirsty Hofat was instrumental in VeloVixen's development in 2014 and 2015 and is a true vixen at heart.

She's had the briefest of 'sabbaticals' (OK, so maybe 3 years...!) away from VeloVixen to have young Jack and Ida, move house and just a few other challenges. Never afraid of a challenge, our Kirst.

Before joining us, she was Editor of Total Women's Cycling, where she played a huge part in growing the site to what it is today.

She's also done a few things on a bike - not least a formative 4000 miles round the coast of Britain with her dad, Ride London and an insane commute to VV towing Dexter the Labradoodle in his trailer!

Today, she's to be found with both her small people (and occasionally Dexter) in her magnificent cargo bike - the envy of anyone with any taste in Stratton!

She's an unstoppable ideasmith, great blog writer and constant source of energy, and it's fab to have her back in the fold.

Kirsty's wish list

2. Harriet spins in!

Operations, Customer Relations & Ideas

Harriet Isles Freeman's path crossed with VeloVixen (where else?!) in the spin studio, where she was evidently at least a semi-professional!

Her clip-in shoes immediately announced her as a 'proper' cyclist. That and the fact that she can pedal a static bike like a hamster guzzling espressos.

A born and bred Oxford local, Harriet's wildly overqualified, has a CV to make your eyes water and fizzes with positive energy for cycling and beyond.

Her modest cycling achievements to date have included a cool 3,500km ride through the Pyrenees, London to Paris in under 24 hours, Ride London (twice!), Birmingham Velo and more sportives than we knew existed. That and a few ultramarathons on the side.

Definitely a proper cyclist!

She'll be juggling her various tutoring roles with her time with us. Welcome to the VeloVixen team, Hatty!

Harriet's wish list