So, what do have to say about our favourite Morvélo Bib Shorts?

On the overall design: 'Morvelo have taken a simple approach with their Display Women's Bib Shorts... just making the most comfortable and effective traditional styled bib shorts they can. There's a lot to be said for that approach... you'll have to spend a bit more time undressing to spend a penny - but it'll be worth it, because these are a genuinely comfortable and really great looking pair of bib shorts.'

On the combinations: 'Each colourway is designed to coordinate with or complement Morvelo's summer jerseys. The result is... very put-together effect but without the implications of flying team colours, and with a bit more panache.'

On the technicalities: 'Handmade in Europe, these use high quality Italian fabrics such as Lycra from the highly regarded manufacturer MITI, and a dual layer perforated chamois from Dolomiti. The fabric has SPF 50, seams are flatlocked to minimise chafing, and leg grippers are printed.'

On the fit: 'Forgiving, with plenty of stretch... The straps sit comfortably between the breasts. These are among the most comfortable bib shorts I've ever worn. The straps are extremely comfortable and, going between the breasts, shouldn't be a problem for any bust size. The mid thigh leg length is flattering, and the leg grippers didn't cause the dreaded sausage leg. The pad is superbly comfortable without being overly obtrusive... good for even long distances, with no chafing or discomfort.'

All in all, these are exceptionally comfortable, and with the matching jerseys they're an absolute winner in the style stakes. Yes, £90 isn't cheap, but it's on par with most higher end bib shorts and far from being the most expensive. A good investment.

Overall Verdict: 'Very comfortable and handmade from plush performance fabrics, these look the business. A well engineered short and spot on for its purpose.'

Moving on to specific marks, these are the scores on the doors from

Quality of construction: 10/10 - 'very well made from superb quality Italian fabrics and components.'
Performance: 9/10 - 'extremely comfortable for all sorts of riding and distances and very effective.'
Rate the product for durability: 7/10 - 'excellent quality fabric but slightly prone to abrasion so steer well clear of rough saddle edges and Velcro.'
Weight: 8/10 - 'very light.'
Comfort: 8/10 - 'very comfortable indeed. Only snag was lower sides of waist area, making the waist feel more obvious than is desirable in bib shorts.'
Value: 9/10 - 'handmade in Europe and an award winning design that offers oodles of comfort and performance, so good value for money.'
Overall Performance: 'Performed exceptionally well.'
Overall Rating: 8/10

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