We'd be kidding ourselves if we were to say that loving cycling was some kind of part time sentiment. That thing that woke you up at 3am? - Bike thoughts. That moment whilst you're washing the dishes and your mind drifts back to that amazing bike ride you had last weekend? - Guilty. Finalising that thing in the office and realising you forgot to take your cycling kit out of the washing machine? - Drat, not again.

Luckily that 24/7 cycling feeling is something you can share with your friends, family or that guy sat opposite you on the train. Our collection of bicycle themed tees, hoodies and even pyjamas, has grown once again with some lovely new numbers by aussie brand, Après Vélo.

You may remember their fabulous cycling themed pyjamas? They were a huge hit last autumn-winter, especially at Christmastime. GOOD NEWS is that we've just restocked in all sizes! Time to take cycling to the bedroom once again, we think.

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