To battle my post-pregnancy podge, I decided to up my spin class visits to include mornings as well as weekends. Little did I expect to find such a cliquey and unfriendly group of people.

I’ve found adjusting to the role of first-time mum quite hard. It could be said it’s been rather a physical and mental roller coaster.

There have of course been incredible highs, but working out how to look after a human being while still trying to find time for myself has proven - until now - impossible.

Exhaustion from raging hormones, emotions I never knew existed, sleepless nights has left little time for myself.

So, the last thing I need when trying to do something for myself and battle those extra post-pregnancy pounds is to come across a negative, unwelcoming individual on my first morning spin class of the year.

Probably meant in a harmless way, I overheard a seasoned spinner say, "New year. New faces. It’ll never last. I bet you, we won’t see them in a month"

This comment was like a red rag to a bull for me.

My son has reached the ripe old age of 9-months and is close to being fully weaned. This is a big moment.

Eating solids means he no longer needs to be attached to my boob for hours on end. So in one fell swoop I get the luxurious gift of a little time to myself sans Jack on a morning.

Time to get back in the saddle. Well, not quite.

With the dark mornings and the bleak weather, it’s not feasible for me to get out and ride for a decent time, get the bike and kit clean before my husband tags me in to look after Jack.

Spinning on the other hand gives me a controlled work out. I know in that a 45 minute period, I’ll get the heart beat up, at an allocated time, in a safe environment, all while Jack is being looked after. Perfect for a time-poor Mum like myself.

Already conscious of my extra shapely figure, her negative comment and cliquey behaviour made me feel uncomfortable and unwelcome.

If I wasn’t such a stubborn, strong character I can imagine her words would have had an impact on whether I returned for another lesson. Her condescending attitude could have pushed someone away, and I guess that’s why I’m writing this.

Too often we call people out for being lazy or lacking motivation, so when someone finally breaks through those barriers we need to be supportive and encouraging so they can enjoy and be comfortable exercising.

So come on everyone, if you come across a newbie at your spinning class or cycling club this January, be welcoming. We were all that new person once, don’t go getting all territorial on them.

And to the woman who made that comment. Don’t be a negative sourpuss, instead I encourage you to be more welcoming in the future. If anything, you’ve inspired me to make sure I attend every single session, just to spite you.

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