At some point in your cycling life, you’ll stumble upon the question, “Should I wear underwear under my Lycra?” There's a simple equation for this conundrum, and it is as follows.

Knickers + Padded Cycling Shorts = Recipe for Disaster

Don't feel like it's something you should have known. It’s one of the most common questions we’ve been asked by both men and women when taking the leap to padded cycle shorts.

Padded cycle shorts are specifically designed to be worn commando.

Here's are 4 reasons why.

1. Eliminates Chafing

Seams are your absolute nemesis in the saddle. As you spin your legs, the seams and edges of any underwear you wear will naturally chafe between the saddle and your groin area. The movement will cause anything from mild irritation to sebaceous cysts. Not. Nice.

2. Reduce Infections

The chamois pad in your cycling shorts is designed to be breathable and help wick sweat away. Add another layer into the mix and you're losing the benefits of the anti-microbial properties of the pad. Extra moisture is not your friend, so please don't suffocate your vulva with knickers.

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3. No VPL

Tight Lycra leaves little to the imagination, so all the more reason to leave the knickers at home. If you've splashed out on bib shorts that hug you in all the right places, don't let your knickers cut in to you in all the wrong places. Everyday pants are not designed to be worn bent forward at the hips, leaning on handle bars.

4. Wedgie-free ride

No person can ride a bike in normal knickers without suffering some form of wedgie, it's impossible. Then there's the unenviable task of trying to pull a wedgie out while wearing bib shorts. Good luck! Go commando and you'll never have to worry about this ever again.

Now, if you really must wear underwear, for whatever reason, there are a couple of things we do recommend.

Avoid thongs. At all costs. They are just simply not your friend in the saddle. Neither is satin or lace. Aim for specific sports knickers that are designed to wick sweat and avoid chafing.

Another consideration is what to wear under your regular clothes if you're riding. Our chamois-padded cycling knicker range make cycling in anything unpadded incredibly comfortable.

Rather than attempt to wear your cycling shorts underneath your clothes, or suffer with plain undies, these specialist knickers really are the holy grail of women's cycling products.

So, the next time you come across a friend who's unsure of whether to go commando under cycling shorts, or perhaps needs a little persuasion, don't forget to spread the word. It could be the difference between loving and hating their time on a bike.

Chamois Cream - the secret weapon to comfort on a bike