VeloVixen photo shoots have always been fun, and the results - we're reliably assured - have always brought a certain extra something to women's cycling. But we weren't sure what to expect this time when we brought together three of customers as models...

After a bracing morning shooting road kit (here's the video for that bit!), we transferred camp to a Secret Location near our home in Oxford. Our remarkable team maintained their stamina, with the amazing Claire Pepper continuing to snap away, award-winning documentary maker Rebecca Kenyon continuing to wield the video camera and Nassrin, Julia and Kim easing into their new-found modelling careers. See if you reckon it worked in Rebecca's video...

And in case you're getting kit envy, here's a summary of the gear on show in the various scenes:


Bobbin Bags & Velocity Cycling Trousers 2015/16

The perfect urban combination for the discerning cyclist about town, Bobbin and Velocity seemed obvious partners. They both keep the rain off whilst looking effortlessly stylish and understated.


Vulpine 2015/16

Next up it was perennial favourites Vulpine (topped with Bern helmets). Vulpine are the ultimate fusing of top quality technical gear that you can use on 'serious' rides with looks that mean you don't even need to ride a bike to love wearing it. Or, as Vulpine put it much more pithily: 'Ride & Destination'.

There are no products matching the selection.


Proviz 2015/16

And finally... as the light started to fade, appropriately it was the dazzlers from Proviz' turn. If you thought waterproof and highly reflective jackets and backpacks had to be mundane, you'll probably be revising that view after the way Nassrin, Kim and Julia rocked Proviz!