VeloVixen photo shoots have always been fun, and the results - we're reliably assured - have always brought a certain extra something to women's cycling. But we weren't sure what to expect this time when we brought together three of customers as models...

So on a fresh October morning, we set up camp in a farmyard and took to the lanes in some delicious new kit, with the amazing Claire Pepper snapping away, award-winning documentary maker Rebecca Kenyon wielding the video camera and Nassrin, Julia and Kim making their glam debuts in front of the cameras. See if you reckon it worked in Rebecca's video...

And in case you're getting kit envy, here's a summary of the gear on show in the various scenes.

To find out if you won our October competition for a Café du Cycliste neckwarmer, scroll to the bottom...


Primal / Sealskinz 2015/16

It was a chilly start to the morning, so our models were wrapped up in Primal's new 2nd Layer jersey/jacket hybrids, combined with Sealskinz' peerless waterproof range of winter gloves:

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Once the sun warmed up a bit, the 2nd Layers came off and Primal's stunning new Kashmir range of Heavyweight Jerseys were unveiled - coupled to some of our cooler, more sophisticated helmets.


Café du Cycliste 2015/16

Probably our most coveted brand, there was quite a buzz around the farmyard when the new Café du Cycliste range emerged from the vans. We started out with extra layers - jackets, gilets, base layers...

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... before showing off the uniqe merino-blends of the jerseys, and some striking new winter accessories - including arm warmers, caps and neck warmers. 

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Morvelo 2015/16

Next it was over to those perennial breakers of cycling fashion boundaries, Morvelo. Each time new Morvelo designs find their way to us by email, it triggers a cluster around the computer screen. Their latest collection had a similar effect in our Oxfordshire farmyard.


Polaris 2015/16

To round off our morning, it was the turn of best-selling Polaris' winter outfits.


And that was just the morning! Here's what happened when we shot Vulpine, Velocity, Bobbin and Proviz's finest in the afternoon...

And the winner of the Café du Cycliste neck warmer is (roll of drums)... Joanne Biggadike! Congratulations, Joanne, please contact us at with your address! x