Commute to work on your bike or simply ride a lot in the dark?

Want to feel confident that you are visible to motorists?

With its outer made entirely from reflective material, the Proviz Reflect360 women's cycling jacket is made for you. It's a comfortable commuter friendly jacket that has a secret weapon up its sleeve...

In daylight the Reflect360 jacket is a subtle grey, yet the moment darkness falls and a light hits the material, you light up like a Belisha Beacon. It's ultra-reflective, we can't express how alarming the brightness is.

The Reflect360 has all the features a good commuter jacket should; high neck, good length sleeves with a velcro tab to keep the elements out. There's a drawstring waist too, so you can tweak the fit to make sure you're covered before you cycle home.

You won't be disappointed with this commuter jacket as everything has been thought through. To ensure you don't 'boil-in-the-bag,' venting has been provided on the shoulders and underarm zips can be opened to cool down. Storage has been nailed with two chest pockets for those essentials and a zipped rear one along the bottom at the back.

Designed as a commuter jacket, the cut is rather relaxed and sizing generous to cover work layers, so please check the size guide we provide so you get the right fit for you.

If you're doubting this jacket's reflective capabilities, just read what the industry press have had to say about the Reflect360 since its launch:

'Astonishing reflective capabilities... the REFLECT360 kit really does glow, and in quite an incredible manner' - Cycling Active

'It's comfortable, warm, waterproof and astonishingly visible - it's the best money you'll spend' - The Guardian Bike Blog

'The REFLECT360 is so reflective that at night it has an almost surreal glow! Motorists certainly won't miss you when they spot you ahead' - SportSister

The Proviz Reflect360 Cycling Jacket certainly lives up to its claim of being 100% reflective and is a must for any city cycling commuter' - Total Women's Cycling

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