The waterproof Rainwrap skirt from mother and daughter team - Georgia in Dublin, is a fantastic alternative to waterproof trousers.

If you struggle pulling trousers over shoes the Rainwrap waterproof cycling skirt is a great option to make things easy on your commute, as it simply wraps over your clothes and protects you from the elements in seconds.

Georgia has carefully thought through the Rainwrap's design, ensuring there's no bunching at the waist. Sitting high, the Rainwrap fastens at the back of the waist and is kept securely in place by a square of Velcro, positioned at such an angle it prevents gaping while cycling, providing a snug, comfortable fit.

There's also the nifty feature of an elastic garter included with the Rainwrap, that provides extra protection against the wind. On top of this there are areas of reflective details to offer extra visibility.

It's an elegant, convenient piece of cycle clothing, arrive at your destination and you can whip off your Rainwrap, rather than trying to step out of soggy waterproof trousers. There's also the option of using this as a rather elegant picnic blanket if you've not had to use it on your ride!

Caroline, the tester for sums the Rainwrap superbly;

"perfect for the the changeable British climate; keeps you dry from the waist down with urban chic."

We couldn't agree more, and at £45, the price won't leave your eyes watering either.