Don't let rainy days dampen that enthusiasm to do your A to B by bicycle. Those wet weather conditions can easily be overcome and without cramping your style. It's time to say 'yes' to wearing your favourite shoes, heels or boots and 'no' to soggy feet and ankles, with the ingenious and incredibly stylish Georgia in Dublin Leggits.

Overshoes don't have to be plain and ordinary.

In the world of cycling overshoes, the Georgia in Dublin Leggits really do fly the flag for eye-catching design. At the glance of an eye you could easily mistake them for a pair of mid-calf boots.


Getting your feet rain-ready with the Leggits is really easy too: simply pop them over the top of your normal shoes, boots, flats or heels. And don't feel limited to only wearing them when it's raining - the Leggits make a great protective outer from other road dirt and grime. They make excellent night-riding accessories too -  each of the velcro fastening straps are reflective, giving you a boost of extra visibility.


See how it's done

Get Leggit-ready for the rain...

Leggit sizing is based on your shoe. Choose medium if you are a UK shoe size 6-7. Choose large if you are UK shoe size 8-9. If you are size medium, but wear bulky boots, we would recommend sizing up to a large.

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