Calling all female cyclists... do you:

  • Love cycling?
  • Want to give something back and contribute invaluably to a great charity event?
  • Feel confident about cycling 100km?
  • Know how to fix punctures and do basic bike mechanics?
  • Cope well with sleep deprivation?

... then the organisers of Ride the Night would like to hear from you. They are recruiting female riders to help with less experienced riders on the night of their ride on May 30/31st. Go on, sign up! We know from experience - it's a lot of fun...!

As Ride the Night's official retail partners and original creators of the route for last year's successful inaugural Ride the Night, we want the 2015 event to be at least as successful. And that means recruiting a crack squad of Ride Angels!

Here's what it entails:


Ride the Night event details:

  • 2,000 all-female riders
  • Saturday 30 May 2015
  • Raising funds for Women V Cancer: Breast Cancer Care, Ovarian Cancer Action and Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust. Set to raise £1,000,000
  • Mix of abilities, with many recruited from Diet and Slimming magazines
  • Start and finish at Royal Windsor Racecourse, Berkshire
  • Start at 9pm, in waves of 50 riders, until 10.30pm
  • 100km ride through Surrey and London, feed stops every 20km
  • All riders must be back at Racecourse by 7am. Cut off point at 60km with rider return minibuses


Your role:

To support and encourage the riders around the route. You will be positioned amongst a group of riders and will be wearing a ‘Ride Angel’ high-viz vest so the riders will be able to spot you while cycling.

You have no responsibilities in terms of first aid; your role is to give the riders moral support while out on the course.

You will must be able to fix a puncture, so you can help women throughout the course, as mechanical support will prioritise mechanical faults over punctures.

You will need to arrive at the Racecourse by 8.00pm for a briefing, ready to set off at 9.00pm. There is parking available at the Racecourse.

You will receive your high-viz vest and breakfast voucher when you check in with the Ride Arc Angel!


If you are interested, please contact Chrissy at

Please note that this is a voluntary role as it is a charity event

Ride The Night With VeloVixen