Over the years helmets have been dubbed the least sexiest piece of cycling equipment. They have tried their hardest to mess up your perfectly coiffured hairdo, made your head look like a mushroom and just generally tried to take away some of the fun from cycling. HOWEVER, on the flip-side, they have always had the rather incredible function of saving lives.

Thankfully, we've worked hard, scouring the cycling industry for the safest, most stylish helmets that disprove all those points above. Not only do these innovative designs protect your head should the worst happen, we're confident that they're actually helmets you want to be seen in - and the Total Women's Cycling team agree!

Always on the hunt for glam cycling kit, Hannah from Total Women's Cycling has shone a light on the safest and most elegant helmets that have caught her eye for female commuter cyclists. Included in Hannah's Top 10 are the dapper Sawako Furuno Leopard helmet and the classy, luxurious Bern Lenox, both of which we champion here at VeloVixen.

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Sawako Furuno - Leopard Helmet

One of our personal favourites, Japanese-born designer Sawaka Furuno makes some of the most stylish helmets on the market including this rather wild leopard number. Although Total Women's Cycling have selected the patent leather leopard print, we'd like to point out that all of Sawako's helmet are the same model, purely with different designs.

Bern - Lenox Helmet

Slim, simple and sleek, Bern helmets triumph in making you look super cool. The elegant silhouette of the Lenox is not only stylish, but supremely safe. They're durable and light, which is of no surprise when you find out Bern are the ultimate specialisits in head protection for extreme sports such as snowboarding, skateboarding and all those sports where falling on your head is often quite prevalent.