How do you feel about the colour pink?  After years of being tainted with negative press, it seems that loving pink has become a real "marmite" kind of question.

Shrink it and do what to it?

It's possible that you've never come across the phrase "shrink it and pink it". It's not a post-ride washing machine faux-pas (white merino socks accidentally making their way into a 60-degrees wash with your red bath towels - yikes), it's actually a pretty rotten approach to creating women's cycling kit. Its formula? Find some men's kit, shrink it and colour it pink. The ladies will LOVE it...

NOT! No matter how magical and wonderful pink may seem, it will not make our female anatomy magically morph itself into that of a bloke... Why should we settle for anything less that women's specific? Cue inevitable dislike of pink.

A revolution in women's kit

THANKFULLY, designing habits (and attitudes) are finally altering their course for the better. At VeloVixen, we're always on the lookout for the next best thing in women's kit, and we're glad to report that we're coming across fewer of these unsatisfactory, unflattering, and often uncomfortable half-attempts at women's kit. This progress is certainly all thanks to years of development, innovation and design genius in women's specific cyclewear, often from small independents who got tired of waiting for somebody to do it right and got on with it themselves. We're proud to have been part of that journey with many of those brands. And guess what? Some of it is pink!

Designed by Women for Women

Give pink a chance

It would be terrible to think that opinions of pink have been permanently tarnished by years of bad design etiquette.

Truth is, there are plenty of women (and men) out there who do love pink and who are completely up for decking themselves head to toe in it. Plus, with such a diverse selection of shades, designs and styles, it's so easy to add a splash of it to your cycling look.

We're ready to give pink a chance, are you?

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