With the sun beaming down (at last!) on the roads, trails and cycleways, this summer's cycling adventures are feeling closer than ever!

We bet you've already got a pretty good idea about where your bike's going to take you this summer, but have you got the kit to get you there?

Our 2017 Summer Collection is taking shape at VeloVixen, with tops, bottoms and accessories galore! Here's a quick glance at some of this season's standouts...


... because "more velo" is better than "just enough velo"? (See n+1 blog for further persuasion...)

Brighton-based Morvélo have always been one for designing quirky must-have cycling jerseys. Their new, bird-inspired collection certainly keeps that trend going for another season.

If you're up for a fun read, discover which jersey best suits your personality, here.

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You really can't go wrong with Castelli. Its iconic scorpion logo has adorned the chests, arms and bums of cyclists for years. Whether you fancy bedecking yourself head to toe, or just dipping your toes into the collection with a pair of socks, there's plenty to choose from and it's all bundle-able at VeloVixen, which means extra savings for you!

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Anna's Legs

IF your legs were able to possess independent thought... they'd definitely be feeling a huge weight of responsibility to give you the best bike ride ever. THANKFULLY Anna's Legs were invented as a way of saying 'thank you legs, we really do care and appreciate all the things you do'. PHEW!

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If ever you thought there was a divide between cycling and triathlon, think again! Threo was born from the ideology that you can own kit that works for everything. Their collection blends the best materials, fit and distinctive designs. It works perfectly for triathletes, cyclists, runners... in fact, anyone who loves physical activity!

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Rivelo name their kit after UK rides that they know and love, do you recognise any of them? Their collection of tops, bottoms and accessories boast excellent technical prowess,and have been tastefully designed and tested by their team of cycling enthusiasts.

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... add some little things for bigger smiles

With the sun in the sky, taking your bike for a pootle about town is no real drama. Discover what 5 things you'll LOVE wearing on the bike on those urban adventures. Read now