With the UCI Road Championship taking place in Norway this year and the “hygge” concept catching like wildfire, we thought we'd take a look at yet another rather fascinating Scandinavian concept... "Sykkelglede". Have you heard of it?

“Sykkelglede”, which, in its simplest form is translated as “the happiness of cycling”, is a much-used word in Norway and Denmark. The meaning, however, can be easily compared to that of “hygge”. If you ask a Norwegian or a Dane how they would explain the term, they would have their own highly personal opinion on what it is. Ask several cyclists what Sykkelglede means to them, and no two answers will be the same!

Sykkelglede for me is when I get a proper flow on a rough path and manage tricks I have not previously mastered. That is a real rush and sykkelglede!


For me it's everything! Biking has it all. You get out in the woods and experience nature, it's speed and action. Biking is so varied. You have road cycling, off-road cycling, downhill, and track. That is Sykkelglede.


Sykkelglede is the pleasure of seeing people loving this sport and coming together because of it.

However, “sykkelglede” is not just a term used by those who actively use their bike for exercise. Sykkelglede is all about how riding your bike enhances everyday life. It's not just positive for your body, your cardio ability or strength. It does actually make you happy!

Marit is Managing Director for the Foundation for Environmental Education. She is also Frog Bikes Representative for Norway, a keen sportswoman and a mum to two cycle-mad boys.

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