We're incredibly lucky to have a uniquely strong, talented team here at VeloVixen. A bunch of fools that genuinely care about each other and about dealing properly with people. Here we are...


Liz Bingham (Co-Founder & Strategic Director)

Former Life: Mixing life as a professional actress with life on the road as a professional tour guide. Juggled seasons with the Royal Shakespeare Company and television roles with the challenges of keeping educational groups of American teenagers under control.

Epiphany: Meeting Phil on a blind date in 2009.

Cycling Experience: Pottering round Cambridge in the 1990s. Oh, and riding 10,000km through South America and the US with Phil.

Today: Liz juggles (still juggling!) her role as VeloVixen Strategic Director with moonlighting in cycling event organisation and being a full-time mum to Zoe and Emma.


Phil Bingham (Co-Founder & Managing Director)

Former Life: Sitting at a desk and travelling the world managing portfolios of hedge funds - whilst covertly plotting exotic cycling trips and other adventures.

Epiphany: Meeting Liz on a blind date in 2009 (see above). And leaving his job shortly thereafter...

Cycling Experience: Land's End to John O'Groats, Ironman triathlon, various Etapes, the whole route of the 100th Tour de France and a little ride with Liz in 2010 (see above).

Today: Phil manages VeloVixen day-to-day whilst being as hands-on a dad as possible to Zoe and Emma. And planning the odd ride here and there. If he's good, a couple of times year he gets to see another male.


Fran Whyte (Operations Manager)

Former Life: If you've been arrested in the Oxford area in recent years, there's a fair chance that Fran was the one wielding the truncheon (she's a big softy really). She was one of the boys girls in blue, for almost 13 years until she realised that cycling was here true calling. And especially cycling kit. Don't even ask about her wardrobe.

Epiphany: Realising that police work wasn't leaving enough time for cycling. Or holidays. Luckily life at VeloVixen is one long cycling holiday (so we tell her).

Cycling Experience: Fran's rarely off a bike, whether it's climbing a Dolomite, finishing yet another Ironman triathlon, ripping up a Welsh MTB trail or rolling in cyclocross mud. 

Today: Fran is in charge of our warehousing and order processing. You'll often find her on the end of a phone with her peerless line in sensible cycling kit advice.


Andrew Blakeley (Finance)

Former Life: Andrew has sorted out the numbers for many and various firms over the years, in worlds ranging from helicopters to bathrooms. Cycling shouldn't be a problem.

Epiphany: The realisation that renovating your own house entirely didn't mix well with a traditional full time job!

Cycling Experience: We're working on luring Mr B onto a bike for the first time in a while... watch this space.

Today: Andrew is a voice of pragmatism and reason in the cacophony of women's cycling - he does the important bits. And he's fast developing a penchant for ladies' lycra.


The Fat Unicorns: Matt Wild & Vic Whitaker (Website Gurus)

Former Life: The Unicorns have been around for many years, sprinkling their Unicorn Magic on numerous projects including our website and famous newsletters.

Epiphany: Recognising they were work and play soulmates.

Cycling Experience: any time you find these two loons away from the keyboard, you can be sure they'll be on a bike, snowboard, surfboard or rockface somewhere.

Today: Matt and Vic are sublime creators of websites - from the Unicorn's nest in Lancashire, they devise ever more fiendish ways to bring sites to life and make them work better and more beautifully.


Zoe & Emma Bingham (Roving Ambassadors / Product Testers)

Former Life: What?!

Epiphany: Being born into a cycling family...

Cycling Experience: Until 2016 Zoe was restricted to her 3-wheeled scooter, but is now pedalling her Isla Bike like a demon. Emma's still observing.

Today: Zoe (5) is the senior member of our youth squad, having been joined by her little sister in late 2014. Their role is constantly evolving. Both ladies take their role as Roving Ambassador very seriously - with new roving techniques including... 'running around doing funny things'. Zoe is now showing more active managerial potential - at least when it comes to managing her parents. Emma has recently developed scooter envy.