Since joining the VeloVixen range in 2014, the Urbanist padded cycling knickers have become one of our most popular items, making their way into our top-5 favourite lists time and time again.

It's no surprise really - their beautiful, feminine selection of cycling-specific underwear has made a myth of the idea that feature-rich cycling garments are often unaesthetically pleasing. Urbanist have certainly bridged the gap between everyday clothing and cycling, giving us (at last) endless dress possibilities for our next commute, city ride or even workout.

In the video designer and founder, Christiana Guzman, explains her inspiration behind Urbanist.

Joining the original Brigitte and Bettie are the 2015 collection of four new designs: Leopard, Polka Dot, Purple Flower and Mint Swag. That's almost one for every day of the week! Now wouldn't that be cycling heaven...