We love receiving feedback from our customers, even more so when feedback takes the form of a story. What a surprise it was to receive these BEAUTIFUL photographs from Alessia and Lea in Switzerland!

Hey VeloVixen team!

First of all thanks sooooo much for your support on women cycling world!

I'm a Swiss woman who loves cycling for fun, moving around, going to work (and a bit of physical effort sometimes).

This autumn I went to the memorable and very famous Eroica in Chianti. We were a team of seven ladies from all around Switzerland and we all did the 64 km tour. We had such a great time even if the rain came with us for most part of the tour. Five of us wore your beautiful padded pants. We enjoyed so much our pants that the previous day we took some pics in our garden in Chianti.

Me and my friend decided to share the photos with you as a thanks for bringing more and more fun, grace and femininity into the cycling world!

Enjoy and all the best for the future!!!

Alessia & Lea

They really do look like they're from the 1950s in Chianti! A huge thank you to Alessia and Lea for sharing these photos with us.

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